Winter Safety Form

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When you are hauling a load that requires in-transit heat (fats, tallow, vegetable oils), It is your responsibility to hook up and run heat until the load has been delivered. You will need to plan for a maximum of 1 gallon of anti-freeze in your truck.(Required)
Our tanks are insulated. There is no need to use precautions when hauling in cold temperatures.(Required)
When the tempature is dropping, you should treat bridges, and exit/entrance ramps with the same caution you treat the roads.(Required)
When you are finished unloading, be sure to clear the line, including hoses.(Required)
Not having a fusible plug with you and knowing how to replace it can cost you and the company hundreds of extra dollars and lost time on the road.(Required)
Never remove the black striker portion of your torch when storing it your truck.(Required)
Always make sure to have extra warm clothing, a winter jacket, hat, gloves, insulated socks, extra blankets, fuel additive, windshield washer fluid, phone charger, flashlight, batteries, shovel, and a propane torch.(Required)
Our customers are fine with us showing up whenever we get there. There is no need to communicate when you are running behind.(Required)
The Safe Travel USA website offers information on road incidents, winter weather, and construction for every state.(Required)
Runaway truck ramps exist to provide refuge when a vehicle loses its brakes traveling at higher speeds on steep downgrades.(Required)
You should always mix your fuel for the hottest temperature you'll be driving in.(Required)