What we Transport

What you can expect from us:

✓ Well-Qualified Tanker Drivers

✓ Specialty Equipment

✓ Safe and Reliable Transport

✓ Compliance to Deliver On Time

✓ Open and Honest Communication

✓ Alleviates the Pressure of Seasonal Agriculture

What we transport

Agriculture & Farming Transportation

Nebraska is the home of the heartland. Being located in the Midwest, our customer base is predominantly agricultural. We understand the needs and rigors of farm life and strive to serve those who feed our nation. In the springtime, we haul fertilizer to our friends in the field to more than a dozen Midwestern states. 

Liquid fertilizer has grown in popularity in recent years and is a great option to ensure large and fertile fields. As we have hauled this bulk liquid material, we have learned the benefits of using liquid fertilizers for your farms. It’s an easy and uniform application process, it acts fast, and results in healthier crops.

Food & Kosher Transportation

The most common method for food distribution in the United States is trucking. In fact, trucking makes up 70.5 percent of all food transportation. Common liquid food items we haul include:

  • Alcohol
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Juices
  • Syrups and Sweeteners
  • Sugar Alcohols
  • Citrus Products
  • Additives and Preservatives

As for kosher food products, they must avoid non-kosher products under all circumstances. This means that the bulk liquid tanks used to transport kosher products could not have previously been used to transport non-kosher products. Also, the tank has to be thoroughly washed inside after every trip. Using freshwater and high-temperature steam are a few examples of how we keep the tanks up to kosher standards. In addition, all of our kosher tanks are certified kosher by a rabbi, to adhere to kosher standards and food laws.

Hazmat & Chemical Transportation

According to the DOT, hazardous materials are any substances or materials that could adversely affect the safety of the public, handlers, or carriers during transportation. Common materials we haul include:

  • Flammable Liquids and Solids
  • Oxidizers and Organic Peroxides
  • Poison and Infectious Substances
  • Corrosive Materials

To be able to transport bulk liquid Hazmat materials, our drivers are specially trained and certified. Not only do they need to know how to safely transport the material, but they also closely watch their routes at all times. In some cases, the materials are time-sensitive, so drivers are willing to adjust their routes to deliver their load safely and on-time. Overall, to ensure safety, our drivers inspect their trucks before leaving, are mindful of the liquid surge, and do not engage in unsafe driving behaviors.

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