EP. #17

#17- Dating Life OTR

This week on the Liquid Trucking Podcast, we’re diving into the world of dating OTR. We’ll talk with Recruiting and HR Specialist Nick Meyer and Liquid driver Jimmy Lindsay as they break down the pros and cons of being a driver looking for a date.


Nick Meyer Recruiting and HR Specialist
Jimmy Lindsay Professional Driver


This week on the Liquid Trucking Podcast, we’re diving into the world of dating OTR. We’ll talk with Recruiting and HR Specialist Nick Meyer and Liquid driver Jimmy Lindsay as they break down the pros and cons of being a driver looking for a date. Then Marcus brings us the top 8 dating apps geared toward truckers, and a look into the world of Craigslist Missed Connections.


What’s good out there?

Liquid Trucking?

Welcome into the Liquid Trucking Podcast.

Episode 17 for your face.

Thank you so much for joining me.

I am your host Marcus and we’ve got a fun one today.


it’s sort of fun.

I’m gonna be honest with you.

It might have the propensity to get a bit awkward in here today because today we are talking about dating OTR love on the road.

A girl in every city,

a guy in every town,

however you want to look at it,

that’s what we’re talking about today.

And the reason we wanted to bring it up is because we kind of know here at the podcast that it’s not the easiest thing to do.


a lot of the guys that I talked to on here.



they’ve got significant others at home,

they’ve got families.


you know,




they’re locked down,


they’re legally obligated,


To not be dating out there on the road.

But I also know that some of you Liquid drivers out there are looking for love and maybe you’re looking in the wrong places,

maybe you’re looking in the right places that’s what I’m here to find out today.

Uh It’s got to be tough,


I listen,

I haven’t had to worry about dating,


for going back like 15 years at this point and my wife and I will celebrate our 10 year anniversary this year.


but I was together with her for years before that and,


it wasn’t like an on again,

off again thing.

We were locked in.

I mean,

she moved in with me for a month,

like six months into our relationship.

So I have been leaps away from the dating game for a very long time.

And I will tell you right now that as I see dating happen in 2024 just in regular life,

not necessarily independent to truck driving,

it would absolutely eat me alive.

I would never survive out.

Um You know,

this whole thing where you gotta go on an app and you gotta swipe until somebody also swipes you or you gotta hope that maybe they’re gonna initiate the conversation first.


I talk for a living and uh what that equated to as a younger guy was uh back back in my dating days,

my Casanova days,

if you will,

that was just a bunch of failed attempts because you go up and you start running your mouth and you don’t really have a filter like me.

You never know what’s gonna come out.

Most of the times when you get a little nervous,

it becomes awkward and they walk away and on to the next one.

But that’s not the way it is anymore.

I feel like you gotta have a really good picture out there.

Maybe use a filter or two.

And uh not only that,

but you’ve only got a paragraph to describe yourself.

How do I make myself sound interesting in a paragraph.

I’ve already talked for almost three minutes right now and barely said anything.




I get it.

It’s tough out there and I wanted to,


to dig into that a little bit today.

So we’re gonna be joined by driver Jimmy Lindsay and,


recruiting hr and business development guy,

Nick Meyer from the,

uh pla uh ports,

excuse me,

Plattsmouth Terminal.

That’s another thing that would happen when I’ve tried to talk to girls trip over the tongue.


if only my poor wife knew what she was in for because it turns out that in the 15 plus years,

I’ve known her.

I actually haven’t shut up.

It’s still just,


it’s the same as it ever was.



looking forward to Nick and Jimmy joining us right here around the corner,

we’re gonna talk to them about some of the ins and outs of dating OTR figure out if they’ve had any luck out there.



also we’re gonna have some fun after we talk to them.

Uh This is what we like to call a tease here in the radio and,

or podcast industry coming up after the interview,

I am gonna bring you the,

I don’t know,

like top eight,

maybe top nine dating apps that are geared towards truckers.

So if you’re out there thinking about it,


I’d really like to meet a nice lady or a nice guy.


I might have an app for you coming up.

And also if you’ve never dabbled in the Craigslist,

missed connections,


you are missing out.

I’ve been compiling some great missed connections from loves that could have been,

but maybe never were.

Some of them are incredibly weird.

And the situations that these people find themselves in when they get a little Twitter painted for the person across from them are questionable at best.

Let’s just put it that way.

So without further ado,

let’s get to Nick and Jimmy right now.

Welcome to the Gold Standard of podcast for the gold standard of Drivers.

This is the Liquid Trucking Podcast with your host,

Marcus Bridges.

Very excited to have these next two fellows joining me to talk about dating OTR here on the Liquid Trucking Podcast.

I’ve got Nick Meyer.

He’s hr recruiting and business development over there at the Plattsmouth terminal.


What’s up,


Thanks for being here.

Same here,


And I’ve also got Liquid Driver,

Jimmy Lindsay out on the road joining us,


Thank you for being here making your first appearance on the podcast.

You bet you bet Thanks for having me.

No problem.

Where are you at right now?

And where are you headed,





in Newton Iowa.

It’s over by Des Moines.

I’m headed back to Platt.

And how’s the dating scene out there in Newton Iowa?



not so great.

I don’t think,

I mean,

I’m not on any apps or nothing that it was actually gonna be one of my first questions.


did you say you’re not on any or you’re not on many?

I’m not on any really to speak of?

I mean,

Snapchat is about,

about it.


So it kind of functions as a,

as a pseudo dating app for sure.

I know that uh,

back in my single days I got my feet in hot water a time or two with Snapchat.

So it can definitely function as such but not really a,

a bona fide dating app there.



I tried those too,

but no luck really.

I mean,

some luck,

some bad luck too.

I hear you.



are there any of them that,


you thought worked better than the others or any that you might have favored or was the,

the dating app thing?

Kind of just not for you?


I just kind of found out that most of the girls on there are,

are on all the apps,

the same people on all the apps.


it’s kind of crazy and most of them.


I mean,

half of them aren’t even real,

like if they’re really good looking,

they’re fake.

They’re just on there to like,

get you to stay on the app.


I mean,

it’s pretty bad.

Most of them won’t even talk to you and won’t even reply to you back.

So I just gave up because I was tired of paying for months,

paying for a service,

you know,

for sure,

for sure.




I’ll ask you the same thing.


because I’ll be honest with you guys,

I got married,

I’m celebrating my 10 year anniversary this year.

So dating apps weren’t really a thing when I started,


when I was back,

you know,

sniffing after my wife and trying to get her to fall in love with me.


so Nick,

have you had any success with any of these dating apps?

I mean,

there’s so many of them out there now.



And I’ve tried,

you know,

I’ve tried them all but,


you know,

I’d say Facebook,




the Facebook app is pretty solid.

And then an app called Bumble is good too because you aren’t even allowed to reach out to the woman.

They have to reach out to you first.

So it kind of initiates a conversation.


That kind of sounds like a fishing hole as well.

Like it’s just,

you know,

the fish aren’t jumping out and coming on to the bank.

They’re just waiting to bite a hook.




I mean,




it’s still a crazy world out there.

It’s difficult to navigate through all the fake people.



and then you have to throw in being catfished as well.



very true.

Has that happened to either one of you guys?



you know,

back when I was doing a radio show years ago,

catfishing was kind of like something that you didn’t hear about a lot.

But we had a guy call into the show one time and take us on this epic journey that lasted like nine months where he was convinced that this was a real woman that he was going to fly out from overseas.

He spent thousands of dollars sending her gifts and money and airplane tickets that she never showed up for.

And we,

we’re kind of chronicling this thing live on our radio show as it unfolded.

And I’ll be honest with you guys,

by the time it was all said and done,

it was heartbreaking.

I was concerned about the guy’s mental health because I really thought that he might do some harm to himself because he was so broken up about this.

Uh Jimmy,

I’ll start with you.

Have you experienced catfishing at all?



for real.

I mean,

it’s one of those things that’s why you gotta like do your homework.

I mean,

like even though if she tries to get out of doing a live video,

facetime I won’t,

I won’t even meet him.

I found out the hard way that filters are real and they use them.




I couldn’t run away fast enough from one of the dates I went on.


and was that just because of the filters or was the personality also just way off from what you were expecting?



it was pretty much just the filters.

I didn’t really,

I didn’t really get her.

I didn’t get to know her personality.

Very good.

You were out of there too fast.

I was on my way out the door.





at least it doesn’t sound like you got deep enough to,


buy her anything off of her Amazon wish list or anything like that in an attempt to woo her.






It was nothing like that.

I didn’t,

it was just kind of one of those deals where I walked in.

I did a little glance around and I just caught her out of the corner of my eye and just kept on walking.

How about you,


Any experience with the dreaded catfish?



I’ve had plenty of that,


and some wild stories that I won’t see on air.


you know,

I guess the most interesting one was,

I was showing up for a first lunch date and she was there with her three month old in a car seat and of course I nice.

So I ended up buying them all tacos or her tacos and sitting there with her infant and ate lunch and that was that so.


All right.



she didn’t let on that.

She was gonna bring a kid or didn’t let on that.

She had one in the first place,

not at all.

And her reasoning was her,

her shitter mailed.




but she still wanted lunch.

I guess you can’t blame her.

I mean,

if you picked a good taco spot.




I mean,

you know,

it is what it is but I was fine with it,

but that was an interesting one.




I mean,

you know,



filters and,

and all of that,

you know,

it’s hard to find someone who has unfiltered picks on there or a huge problem that I see is their pictures from when they’re in their twenties.


You know,

it’s like if you look at my Facebook page right now,

it’s like all of me back when I was good looking,

you know,




if there was ever a time that I was good looking,

let’s preface that.




I wonder so aside from like,

the apps giving you all sorts of fits,

trying to figure out how to navigate those waters,



what are some of the tougher parts about just dating OTR?

I mean,

are you,

are you trying to find like your lifelong soul?

Mate or are you just trying to go out and have some fun right now?

And what,

what challenges come along with that?

Just by virtue of the job that you do?


when I first started out otr I thought this is gonna be,

I had a plan.

I was like,

I’m gonna,

this is this gonna be great?

I’ll just put them on the map wherever there are and then whenever I stop for the night,

you know,

heck I’ll,

you know,

hit him up,

you know,

and I thought I was gonna be,

you know,

just rolling it in.

But no,

it didn’t work out that way.

Turns out,


truckers work a lot harder than I thought.



I don’t feel like doing nothing by the end of my day and trying to line up schedules or trying,

I mean,

like all of them,

almost all of them have kids and so you call them at nine o’clock on a Tuesday night and good luck and you’re not gonna have days notice ahead of time to line it up.

So it’s just almost impossible to meet somebody like,

you know,

out on the road,


genuinely meet someone.

I mean,

obviously there’s gonna be,

you might get,

I mean,

lucky or unlucky any way you look at it,

find somebody who’s willing to meet up short notice like that,

but it’s probably not somebody you want to meet,

you know,

I hear you.

I hear you?


have you ever,


just fired up the CB and see if you might catch AAA Lass out there on the,


on the,

over the air and,



strike up a conversation that way or I,

I have not,

I’m pretty quiet on the CB.

I just usually do listening and then,


I got into my new truck,

Volvo truck.


I just got,

when I,


got this job and the cables broke to the antenna.

So I haven’t,

I haven’t been on it since I went to Liquid.

So I’ve been mostly just off the radio.



I hear that that has its,


its advantages as well.

There’s a lot of people that tell me that,

uh if I just wanted to listen to somebody talk shit all day,

I’d just record myself yelling at traffic.

That’s no kidding.

Sometimes it’s amusing.

But now,


you told me before we came on the air that you got,


you know,

you meet a lot of drivers,

of course,

through recruiting and hr being involved with that stuff.


uh you hear a lot of stories and,

and experiences from some of those drivers.

What are some of the difficulties that you’re hearing them?

Uh share with you about dating life?

OTR Yeah,

I mean,

it really doesn’t work.

Uh Well,

I haven’t heard any examples uh to where the dating works.


now we have plenty of guys that are married um,

and they have to have a strong wife to be ok with their husband being gone all week,

but the dating it can get messy.



but I’ve seen guys have success.


they end up calling another place home typically.


but it can interfere with the job a little bit because guys want,

wanna take some extra time off to spend time with them.

And so it has an adverse effect on how much,

you know,

our drivers drive.



you know,

it’s out there,

it’s difficult and like he said,

you know,

a lot of the people that are willing to come to you at nine o’clock at night or you to them at nine at night aren’t necessarily the ones who are wanting to date.


so just looking for a little bit of carnal knowledge of that person and nothing more than that just right on the surface.




what advice would you have for other drivers that are listening right now?


I’ll start with you,


And what would you tell a guy that kind of has that same mindset that you had starting out?


I’m gonna have a girl in every city.

I’m gonna have one in Shreveport,

you know,

one in,


one in New Orleans.

I’m gonna have one in Atlanta.

Is there any way to work that out?


or are you just asking for a fight?



you just don’t have the time if you do,

you’re probably gonna get in trouble with your dispatch because you’ve got,

I mean,

because it’s never gonna line up.


You’re gonna be,


it’s just hard.

You’re gonna have,

you’re gonna,

you’re gonna end up trying to drive farther than you should or you’re running out of time trying to get farther so you can see your girlfriend or whatever.

So I find it’s just,

it’s kind of the best thing to do is find a girl where your job is.

I mean,

because you’re always going back there.

I mean,

if you try to get like,

if you got one drop that you found this girl,


chances are your dispatch is gonna know that like God,

he spent took 12 hours last time.

He ain’t gonna send me back there.



I mean,

there’s no,

I mean,

once you sniff that out,

you’re done,

you’re never going back there.

It kind of sounds like maybe the best thing to do is date a dispatcher because they sound like they get a little bit jealous if you’re out there sniffing around too much.

That’s funny.

I don’t know.

Uh Nick,

what about you?

What kind of advice do you have for these guys before?

Because I,

I’m assuming,


with the recruiting part of your job,

you’re talking to them before they ever go out on the road.


or at least before they’ve been out on it too much.


with liquid?

Are you kind of trying to temper their expectations a little bit or let them know that,


there’s some potential pitfalls here like catfishing and just fake profiles.


what do you tell them if they ask you for advice,





you know,

I think the first thing is,

you know,

I let them know that this is a force,


a dispatch place.



you know,

your next load is your next load.

We don’t have a lot of the same runs.

So that takes away the ability to be in the same towns once a week or twice a week.

Um because you could go anywhere any day,

any week here.

And so that kind of takes that opportunity away.

Um You know,


you know,

I’ve never had a driver ask me for advice and I am honestly the last person that should uh give advice on,


on having a relationship or anything of that nature.

Um But I have a lot of experience with it.


that’s funny because,

you know,

Jason Eisenman told me that you were kind of the resident Casanova there at the Plattsmouth terminal and he,

he recommended you.

So you’re saying that even though you’ve had some success,

these guys shouldn’t be asking for advice.

Is that what I’m hearing?



you know,

um that’s kind of him to say that.

And if there’s any women out there listening to this podcast uh,

you know,

I work at Liquid Truck and you can look me up online.

I’m sure he can’t wait for those chat requests to come through.



that’s great.



it’s interesting to me,



I’ve been out of the dating world for so long and dating has changed so much over the last decade.

I would not last,


you know,

I felt like when I was 20 I look forward to 40 be like,


I’m still gonna have it.

Even if I’m not married when I turn 40 I’m gonna be a young 40.

I’m gonna slide right into the dating world.

You guys,

I wouldn’t last a second out there.

So I have a lot of respect for both of you that you’re even going out there and trying,

I mean,


it’s the way people are,

are just so mean to each other.

I would be afraid to just post a picture and hear what somebody might have to say about me.

You know,

generally they’re not too bad.

Generally you said generally that’s,


that little qualifier in there is what scares me,



I mean,



it’s just a completely different world from when I was in high school.



you know,

it’s almost too easy to find a date.

And so,


you know,

I mean,


it’s more difficult to find someone in person and,

and that’s probably my,

my favorite way to try and find,

I’m gonna find a date.




you know,

it’s just a different climate.



it’s different.


it’s interesting.

Where’s your favorite place?

If you’re going out,

let’s say prospecting?

Are you a bar guy?

Do you like to hit up a concert?

Uh Are you,


what is,

what do you prefer,

Nick if you had to meet somebody right off the bat the first time?

Where do you like to be church or?


either end of the spectrum?

I see.

You know.

So I,

I’ll present you with this if she looks hung over at church,

she’s the one that you’re probably gonna go talk to when the mass wraps up.



we have something in common.


Oh man.





I really appreciate it.

I know this isn’t the easiest subject to talk about when you’re bringing up,


you know,

various things in your personal life.

And I,

I really do appreciate you guys taking the time to,


to just come talk to me about it,


I wish you luck out there,


You’re doing a really tough job to begin with and to,


wrap the ins and,

or the ups and downs of a relationship around the job that you do.

It’s got to be really hard,


But I’m pulling for you out there.

I mean,

ideally I’d like to see you with a girl in every city.

So it doesn’t matter where you go.


That would be ideal,

but that would not happen.


next time I’ll get a dispatcher on here with you so we can try to line out a route for you that works a little bit better,

you know,

like let’s be proactive about this.

All right.


Jimmy Lindsay,

please be safe out there.

Keep the shiny side of that beautiful truck up and uh,

we will talk to you very soon and Nick Meyer,

uh you do the same man.

I just,

I guess keep the shiny side of the dating life up.



I sure will.



thank you.

No problem,


Take it easy.



I know that that was not an easy conversation for Nick and Jimmy to dive into.

So I really appreciate those guys coming on the podcast and uh kind of showing their cards a little bit.

Uh Nobody really wants to talk about the failures that come along with dating.

It’s the successes that you want to talk about,

but I’ll tell you if you’ve got some good failures for me.

Uh Look me up because I would love to get back into those.

Um You know,


we’re planning a worst of the worst episode coming up here in a few weeks.

Maybe we get some bad Trucker dating stories in our worst of the worst episode.

Uh I’ll cross my fingers for that,

but I have been doing a little bit of research because it is so hard out there for dating,


dating truck drivers.

I mean,


it’s a tough job.

It’s a lot like Jimmy and Nick were talking about.

There’s a lot that goes into it.

You don’t really know your schedule all the time.

It would be cool if it worked to have,

you know,


date in every city,

but it doesn’t always work that way.

Schedule just doesn’t line up and everybody knows that if you make those plans,


let’s go have a nice dinner.

Let’s go see a movie.

Let’s go dancing.

Let’s spend some time together and then all of a sudden,


I’m stuck at the receiver for eight hours waiting to get unloaded.

Uh It’s a twofold problem.

You’re not gonna get to spend any of that time having fun with the person you care about and the person you care about is probably going to be pissed off at you.


uh I get it,

but I do have a few alternatives here.



some apps that are specifically geared towards truck drivers for dating.

I’m gonna give you,

I think probably the top eight here because there’s a whole list of them.


let’s face it.

Once you get down towards the bottom,

it kinda just seems like these are copy and paste apps.

Uh Some of these actually seem like they have some good features though.

So let’s start out at number eight on the list.

It is called Single Truckers.

You can find it at www dot Single truckers.com,

which kind of sounds like a website that’s going to infect your computer with all sorts of viruses.

But I checked it out.

It’s not,


it says here single Trucker mission is to quote,

fix those highway blues end quote.

So if you fall into that camp,

let the site take the wheel for a little while,

you’ve got hundreds of people to choose from.

Hundreds more are joining the site every day.

Just complete four steps,

select your gender and potential dates.


choose your date of birth,

provide your email and pick a screen name and then you’re officially signed up.

That sounds really easy.

You can fill out more information about your lifestyle wants or you can go straight to browsing.

So you don’t even have to have that weird paragraph that we talked about in the,

uh in the open,

uh which is good.

And I’m also sitting here looking at the picture of the guy that they used for this app.

He’s like a 60 year old guy.

Nice and fit,

wearing a nice plaid shirt.

Looks like a hell of a dude.

I’d take that guy out for a beer.

Uh Just as long as that’s where it stops.

Number seven on the list is called Trucker Friends Date.

You can head over to Trucker Friends date.com uh for this app,

Trucker Friends Date guarantees that everything on the site is totally free.

That’s a huge upside.

Plus it’s mobile friendly.

So you don’t have to take up space on your phone by downloading an app.


it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for friendship,

casual dates or love,

you’ll quickly and easily find it on truck or friends date.

But trucking isn’t the only passion members have.

According to the site,

they also love to listen to music,


travel and do so much more.

And some of them might even like listening to a podcast or two like the Liquid Trucking Podcast,



Wink Wink number six on the list.

Truckers nearby,

you can head over to truckers nearby.com to find this.


Truckers nearby has a Tinder like system where you’re presented with a potential match.

And if you tap,

like if you’re interested and pass,

if you’re not,

if the person is interested too,

it’s a match and communication is enabled for faster sign up,

you can log in through Facebook.

Everybody’s got one of those.

This will prove you are who you say you are and you’ll get to pull your information and photos in a matter of seconds.

Truckers nearby is available for free via desktop and in the App store and Google Play.

Uh and they actually have a little testimonial here.

One happy user named Jesse Santana said,


first time I am trying this application and it really works and then he has an update.

This niche dating site is currently down or maybe it has a flat tire.


so maybe truckers nearby isn’t the one that you want to go and see.

But again,

if you’re interested,

truckers nearby.com number five on the list.

Trucker Matchmaker,


it’s the self proclaimed quote,

best trucking date site and you can find it at Trucker matchmaker.com.

You can decide for yourself by creating a profile,

testing out the features and taking a look at the dozens of nearby members here.

You’ll find OTR big rig flatbed and cross country drivers as well as their admirers.

Trucker Matchmaker doesn’t ask for any money.

It just asks for your gender,

the gender of people you’re interested in your location and your date of birth location.

OTR baby.

That’s what we’re talking about here.

Let’s get on to number four.


Truckers says,


what are you waiting for is the question date Truckers asked on its home page and it seems like a pretty reasonable question.

It won’t cost you anything to register.

And some of the features include viewing profiles and photos,



and blocking or reporting uh suspicious members.

That’s an important feature.

You can find it over at date truckers.com number three on the list.

Trucker Personals,

thanks to Trucker personals.

You can fill your lonely days and nights on the road with love again.

Um Just choose your adventures carefully.


Trucker personals.com is where you can go to find this one.

to upload your information and photos and start searching by your interest and location.

The site has members from all over the country and of varying ages,


sexual orientations and backgrounds.

So you should connect with someone special in no time if you come across any problems.

They also have 24 7 support.

Uh Number two on the list is Meet a Trucker,

meet a trucker strives to help single truckers find their ideal riding partners so they can quote,

enjoy love on the road.

The site does that by offering free standard memberships which include profile,




and virtual flirts,

like winks or smiles,

which is the best way to flirt from the cab of a truck.

In addition,

me a Trucker is one of the many sites that are part of the online connections network,

which means your profile will appear on all of its properties.

Uh So if you’re using other properties to date and uh maybe you don’t want those two things to cross paths,

maybe give me a trucker a second gander because uh that just could get hairy out there if we’re uh pulling down multiple significant others in multiple states.

And finally,

number one on the list is Trucker Dating.

Uh Whether you drive a truck or you just love the open road,

you’re more than welcome at Trucker Dating part social network,

part dating site.

Trucker dating is free to join browse through thousands of people for matches and see who’s online now and flirt among other things.


Trucker dating.com is the website to head to.

If you want to check any of these out,

if you’re on the dating apps,

any of them,

whether we mention them here or not,

I would love to hear about it.

I think these ones that are specifically geared towards drivers are,

are interesting because what you’re gonna find there is not only uh,

drivers but you’re gonna find people that are interested in looking for drivers.



that’s the game we’re playing here.

So check out some of these and,


let me know what you think.

I would love to hear your feedback.

You can head over to Liquid trucking.com where you see the podcast advertisement,


learn more.

Uh All my information’s there so you can reach out to me directly.

Uh If you’ve got bad stories,

good stories,


I want to hear them.

It’s not easy out there.



I would just love to dig into this a little bit more than we already have today.

All right.

So now that you’re set up with all these dating apps that you can go out and try if you’re looking for love out on the road,

uh Now I’m gonna spin the tables on you a little bit and we’re gonna talk about Craigslist,

missed connections.

This is on every single Craigslist site.

If you go to your city,

you know,


North Carolina Craigslist up in the top left there,

there will be a link that says missed connections.

And what missed connections are,

is a way for people to have had a random encounter with somebody in a city and they want to try to find that person.

So they describe the encounter and they reach out to that person via Craigslist.

Does it always work out?

I would venture a guess that,


these very rarely work out but shoot your shot.

All right.

We’re dating out here.

It’s a,

it’s a wild land.

It’s mad Max.



you know,

maybe you never know.

You might have an interesting interaction with somebody and find yourself love out of it.

Let’s get into some of these.


this one comes from Nashville,


It’s titled,

I stomped on your fire.

You choked on a biscuit.


you were passed out on the grass after choking on a biscuit and slamming your car into a guard rail at Franklin and Harding.

I was the driver of the silver bug with two women in the car who stopped and put out your car fire.

It’s been a bad month.

So if you would like to get me a new fire extinguisher,

I would appreciate it.

Also don’t eat while driving in the future.

It’s dangerous as you discovered sage advice there from,


that person.



you know,

I don’t know that the person that,


wrecked and almost died is probably gonna be that concerned about getting you a new fire extinguisher.

But again,

shoot your shot,

my friend,

you never know what might happen.

Uh How about this one coming out of?


I don’t know what city this one’s coming out of.

This came out of the restaurant.

15 P pizza.

It says me taking uh number two in the 15 P pizza bathroom.

You drunk?


Discovered that I forgot to lock the door in my haste.

Let’s get into the story.

It says,


I know it must have been awkward for you to see me in that state.

And especially since it didn’t seem to bother me that you walked in.

We made eye contact for a brief moment.

You have the most beautiful brown eyes.

No pun intended.

I said,


beautiful lady,


As you slammed the door and I meant it everyone poops.

And now that you’ve seen me doing that,

I feel like we’ve already moved our relationship to a higher level.

If you read this and you feel the same way,

please respond.

I hope the smell didn’t offend you.

I ate Indian food for lunch.


these Micon connections can tell you more about a person than what you even thought this guy,

for instance,


had Indian food for lunch and pizza for dinner.

So if you think that much of your dating life is gonna be spent with him in the bathroom,

you’re probably right.


moving on to the next one.

This is titled I still take you even with your rap sheet and it comes from uh the city of Well,

who cares what city this comes from?

It says Holly,

I saw your picture today in the mug shot on the Tribune’s website.

You look fantastic.

Especially for a girl who’s just been busted for weed.

I believe that every girl deserves a second chance and I want to be the guy that gives it to you.

Please write back and let me know when you’re out on bail.

I’m willing to wait 30 to 60 days if that’s what it takes.



he went ahead and shared the mug shot picture of Holly who really,


I mean,

she doesn’t look like a criminal even though this is a mugshot.


but good luck there.

I mean,

waiting 30 to 60 days,

that’s the bare minimum man.

Some of these guys fall in love with these prison pen pals and they gotta wait 15 to 20 years.

So if it’s 30 to 60 days,

I think that guy is more than happy just hanging out home alone on the internet.

This one takes the cake,

uh comes from Danbury,


It is my favorite here on the list.

It’s titled You Farted in Trader Joe’s quote.



I really have to swallow my laughter here on this one because it,

it might be the most eloquently written thing that’s ever been posted.


on Craigslist.

It says you were the tall brunette with the near perfect body that farted in the bread section last night.

I was the tall guy next to you who looked over and asked was that you,

you quickly replied,


it wasn’t me.

You almost seemed insulted that I would ask as the stench grew and you continued to deny your flatulence.

It was evident that it was you.

I tried to get rid of the stench by waving two loaves of Ciabatta bread.

You proceeded to storm off in an angry manner.

You were beautiful and even if you are a liar and you fart like a Clydesdale,

I’d love to meet up sometime call me and then there’s a phone number.

Um I tried,

it has been disconnected which is maybe,

maybe the reason you don’t go putting your phone number on Craigslist.

And finally,

this one comes from the great state of Oregon you knew uh because of where I’m from and because of uh the manner of people that we have in this state that there were probably going to be some of these on this list from Oregon.

Uh I didn’t find a lot of them.

Most of them were like,


you were in a drum circle and I was wearing a burlap sack and there was a garbage bag next to us.

You wanna hang out by a,

a campfire and a garbage can later.


they just didn’t really sound that fun.

Like dude,

I saw you at the fish jam band concert and uh sometime in the next six hours when this song ends,

we should meet up.

It was a lot of that.

But this one,

this one’s an all star.

It’s called Costco Water Daddy.

It says you cute employee with the hilarious job of giving out water samples at Costco me curly hair with a mask on,

taking pity on you and accepting a sample of said water.

It was delicious.

Let’s hope he didn’t filter it through his mask.

Uh You say this is,

this is one of the all time great pickup lines.

I’m sorry.


I have to swallow my laughter.


You said you liked my jacket as I scurried away because I’m shy.

Let me know what color my jacket was so I can take you to the Costco Food Court and buy you a hot dog man.

Just romanticism oozes from Craigslist.

Check out the mi connections the next time you’re,

you’ve got some time and you can uh spend some time on your phone.

Maybe you’re on a 34 or a 10.

Trust me,

you could spend your entire 10 hour break reading Micon connections and never have a dull moment.

Uh Again though,

if you’ve had a Micon connection or maybe a,


a snafu and dating,

maybe you found some luck on a dating app.

Any of that stuff.

I please,

I urge you to reach out to me again by heading over to Liquid trucking.com and,


clicking the learn more button there.

Trust me,

it might be tough to talk about these stories.

But once we have a little bit of a laugh together,



we’ll enjoy this more.

We’ll both be better for it.


And I will,

I’ll tell you some of my bad dating stories.

They’re out there for sure.


I fell in love with a girl at a Eugene MS game.

That’s a little farm club team that we have here in town.


it was,

it was,


was it thirsty Thursdays?

They were serving Dollar Miller High Life.


me and all my buddies rolled down to the ballpark on a June day.

We sat next to this gorgeous girl and I got to talking to her and,


later that night we decided we were going to meet up,

go out,

have a couple of drinks with me and my friends.

Get to know each other a little bit.

The only problem was,


I’ve learned that when they serve Dollar Miller High Life,

anywhere could be in a parking lot.

I’m gonna drink as many of them as I can and,


still function and I did and I forgot this lady’s name and she showed up at the bar and we were talking for like a good 1015 minutes and it came time to introduce her to a friend and I couldn’t do that because I forgot her goddamn name.

And she caught on immediately.

She said,

you forgot my name,

didn’t you?

And I was honest,

I said yes,

I did.

I blame it on the high life.


she left,

that was the end of that romance.



you know,

it happens to the best of us.

I’d love to hear it if you have a story that’s gonna pretty much do it for us here on the Liquid Trucking Podcast today.

A little bit awkward of an episode,

but also a fun one.

I had fun anyway,

and I appreciate Jimmy Lindsay and Nick Meyer for coming on and taking one on the chin and just talking about the uh the difficulties of dating otr uh stay tuned next week.

We’ve got a great episode planned for you.

Uh You might even learn something.

That’s what we call a tease,

but I’m not gonna give it away,

so we’ll check you next time.


keep the shiny side up.

Be safe out there on the road.

We’ll see you next week.

Thanks for tuning in and being the gold standard of drivers on the road.

Be sure to like and subscribe to the channel and tune in next week for another episode of the Liquid Trucking Podcast.