Nick Meyer

Recruiting and HR Specialist
Nick Meyer

Recruiting and HR Specialist


#3- Drivers, Dispatch, and Customer Relations

The essence of a successful trucking company starts with the relationships drivers build with their dispatchers and their customers.

#4- The Gold Standard of Drivers

When it comes to tanking, Liquid understands that it is no easy task.  That’s why Liquid seeks out The Gold Standard of drivers to help get the job done.

#24- Talking Freight

The market has been a bit wobbly lately, so we’ll dive into the subject with Jared Flynn from Bulk, Nick Meyer from Recruiting and HR and Load Planner Tanner Bowman and hear their thoughts on the market and all the great things offers.

#11- Marijuana Legalization and its Effect on Trucking

This week’s episode of The Liquid Trucking Podcast drives us down the highway of purple haze, as we discuss the changing landscape of marijuana legalization and its effect on the trucking industry. We’ll discuss some new regulations from the FMCSA on prohibited status, and finally, Safety Consultant from Safety Management Services Company Garett Larson joins the show.

#17- Dating Life OTR

This week on the Liquid Trucking Podcast, we’re diving into the world of dating OTR. We’ll talk with Recruiting and HR Specialist Nick Meyer and Liquid driver Jimmy Lindsay as they break down the pros and cons of being a driver looking for a date.