Hey Liquid Trucking drivers! Have you filled out your Driver Satisfaction Survey from Stay Metrics?

Not only do we want to give you the opportunity to earn extra cash with our Drive for Gold program, but we want to take your feedback and make your career experience with Liquid Trucking even better!

Why do we care about the survey? Why do we want to offer benchmark incentives with Drive for Gold? Because we believe that having a satisfied driver not only drives our trucks where they need to go, but it drives our business model as a whole. We believe employee rentention is a sign of company success and there is a reason we have so many tenured truck drivers!

Bulk Liquid Transport Driver

Don’t work for Liquid Trucking? Want to work for the best bulk liquid carrier in the midwest? Check out what it means to work for us, and it all starts with what you put in the bank.

We offer extraordinary, all inclusive pay. Liquid Trucking is a leader in above average pay grades. First year drivers have the ability to bring home over $60,000/year. Overall, bulk liquid carriers receive better compensation than van or reefer freight carriers, hands down. As a liquid carrier, we pay our truck drivers hourly for driving, loading and unloading. No more “paid by the mile” racket. …READ MORE

There is a reason we are one of the top 30 liquid transport companies in the nation and we’d like to not only keep it that way, and keep growing!