Tax Tips for Truck Drivers

We’re less than a month away from Tax Day, and we’ve found a wonderful list of deductions you can consider. Claiming deductions helps lower your tax liability and helps you get back some of the money spent during the year for travel. Great record keeping... Read More

Selfies for Cash!

Time for some fun! You know what a selfie is, but has it ever earned you CASH before? If you drive for Liquid Trucking you can officially say that your selfie earned you a larger paycheck. We’re going to run a selfie contest and the winner gets 10,000 Drive for... Read More

Truck Driver Life

Truck Driver Life – Liquid Trucking A great infographic about an honorable career path. We came across this awesome (and kind of long!) infographic showing just how important truck drivers are to our nation. One of the most overlooked aspects to the US economy... Read More