Traveling safely, slowly, and attentively through work zones is critically important, particularly as a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) driver. Narrow lanes, sudden stops, traffic pattern shifts, and uneven road surfaces present unique challenges in these areas for large trucks and buses. In fact, large trucks are overrepresented in fatal work zone crashes. Do your part to stay safe with tips from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) Our Roads, Our Safety campaign.

Research Your Route
Before setting out on the road, research your route. When possible, avoid work zones and use any detours that are available.

Pay Attention
Be aware of all signs throughout work zones that can indicate reduced speeds, lane changes, and other important information. Avoid distractions such as your cellphone, eating, drinking, the radio, GPS, and conversing with other passengers.

Slow Down
Lane closures, traffic pattern shifts, and reduced speeds are common in work zones. Make sure to slow down when entering a work zone and keep an eye out for road workers.

Move Into The Open Lane
When approaching lane closures, move into the open lane as soon as possible. Be sure to pay close attention to vehicles around you that could be in your blind spot, and ensure you’re not traveling in someone else’s.

Keep Your Distance
Rear-end crashes are extremely common in work zones. Always maintain extra space between your vehicle and the one in front of you.


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