ANSWERING THE MOST FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS BY PROSPECTIVE DRIVERS You have questions? We’ve heard you! Below we will answer the most frequently asked questions about pay and benefits, what distinguishes our company from others in the trucking industry, what a week... Read More

Defensive Parking

3 MAIN REASONS DAMAGE IS INCREASING AT TRUCK STOPS  This is a relatively new phenomenon in the trucking industry caused by a combination of things. Longer Trucks The parking lots haven’t grown along with the number of trucks in the trucking industry. Most of the... Read More

DelieveRecon Truck Risk Control Workshop

Truck Risk Control Workshop   The Risk Control Workshop is intended for yourself and all Truck Risk and/or Safety Managers, Human Resources, Claims Managers, Supervisors, and everyone that wishes to attend!   Jason Eisenman will be speaking on the subject of... Read More

DeliveRecon — 101

– 101 –   Professional trucker Mac Driver is a tanker truck driver with XYZShipping for 15 years. He is taking a well deserved vacation with his family for the first time in some years.   XYZ received an order this morning from an important... Read More