You have questions? We’ve heard you! Below we will answer the most frequently asked questions about pay and benefits, what distinguishes our company from others in the trucking industry, what a week in the life of one of our drivers looks like, what makes your truck special, and what kind of training you receive when you join us at Liquid Trucking.

How do we pay?


We have been considered at the top of the industry when it comes to pay. Seriously, compare us to our competitors; we pay an hourly wage every week, so you don’t have to stress chasing miles. Moreover, you’ll be making more than a lot of your friends, even the ones that put in all that extra time at school to get a desk job. That’s right, without having to put on a suit or tie or live in  cubicle, you’ll be making between $74,000 and $78,000 in your first year on average.


What is our company all about?

At Liquid Trucking, we know liquids. We move all sorts of product from food-grade to hazmat with the bulk of our business being agricultural based. In fact, it is far easier to tell you what liquids we do not haul than it would be to list all those we do. We do not haul gas or dairy. That’s it, end of list.


We are a company of about 235 people, 150 of which are truck drivers. Many of us who are not now driving, once did. Roughly half of our driver force has been with the company for 5 years or better. And while the industry averages between 75% to 85% driver turnover depending on fleet size, we average between 20% to 35% year over year. Much of our driver attrition is due to individuals seeking more local routes and more home time than our routes provide.


Liquid Trucking recognizes life Over The Road is not easy. We truly strive to meet the needs of our drivers, not just while on the road, but in their personal lives as well. As a family owned and operated company, we understand the importance of family and personal time. We work hard for our drivers because they work hard for us!   


We don’t hire owner operators. We are a fleet of company drivers. Meaning our drivers receive company benefits such as training, medical/dental (the best in the business), paid time off, hourly pay, a well-maintained truck assigned to you, a dependable support team, and other great incentives to stick with us.


What is life like in the week of a driver for Liquid Trucking?

Most of our drivers leave Monday morning each week between 4 am – 9 am returning home Saturday mid-day, depending on the loads each week. Some weekends will be more extended with more time at home, and other weekends will be just a 34-hour reset at a minimum. Some drivers leave on Sundays and return on Fridays.


We have a high freight volume in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, South Dakota, and Missouri. Any prospective drivers should expect to travel these areas extensively and will need to be able to drive in our general operating area at any time.

Drivers are expected to complete each load as they are assigned to them.  Load responsibilities include monitoring the loading and unloading of product as well as most of the time being responsible for the actual loading and unloading setup process.  We do have a lot of customers that will load or unload trailers, but our drivers are still responsible for monitoring that process for safety.

Average load length runs between 250 – 350 miles, although they vary greatly. But again, we pay by the hour so there is no need to chase miles with us. Average load / unload / tank wash runs around 1 – 2 hours. 


How do we compensate during training?

We take care of our drivers, whether you’ve been in the industry for years or just earned your CDL. We train each new driver for a combined two week period at our Plattsmouth, NE terminal. If you live in the Omaha, Nebraska area, you will go home each night during training while working at our terminal locally each day learning the operations of the company. If traveling from out of town, we’ll get you to us via rental car, bus, or gas money to drive yourself to training along with a private hotel room. We teach a detailed process of tanker operations along with introducing you to the office and shop personnel. Did we mention that you’ll make $1,000 each week simply while training and getting to know all of us and your truck?


What do I get in my truck?


Our fleet is mostly Freightliner tractors with some Volvo tractors. As a new driver, you would be assigned to a Freightliner tractor. Our newer trucks have dash cams that watch over the hood only. We have no driver facing cameras. Your tractor will be equipped with either APU, opti idle, or an aftermarket system designed to accommodate the same purpose. In addition, you will be equipped with either Omnitracs or People Net. If you have additional items like a fridge, inverter, CB radio, microwave, etc. our shop will install these items for you during the training period. 


Fuel is a high cost, so our policy is only idle when required for the situation at the time. We give our drivers the freedom to manage this, and in addition to that, we pay a truck idle bonus to our drivers who do an excellent job with achieving this.  The idle bonus can pay up to $2600.00 per year


We do not slip seat. Your tractor is yours. You can keep the truck and trailer at home or near your home as long as it is safe for a loaded truck and trailer to park. 


In order to keep our equipment in top shape, Liquid Trucking maintains a policy of not allowing pets to ride. However, passengers over the age of 10 are welcome!




What are the hiring requirements for Liquid Trucking?


To qualify with Liquid Trucking Companies, you must meet the following criteria:


  • Successful candidates for the Driver role should have an acceptable driving record with no major moving violations in previous 3 years. Someone with a good positive attitude and the ability to pass all DOT requirements, including physical examination and drug screen, would be a good fit for this transportation role.
  • Minimum 1 year class A CDL experience
  • Class A CDL license with proper endorsements
  • Must be 23 years old or older
  • No felony convictions in previous 5 years
  • No major moving violations in previous 3 years
  • Ability to pass routine background check, pre-employment drug screen, and physical
  • **Hazmat is NOT required to start. Liquid Trucking will train the driver and pay for that addition on their license.**