Truck Driver Life – Liquid Trucking

A great infographic about an honorable career path.

We came across this awesome (and kind of long!) infographic showing just how important truck drivers are to our nation. One of the most overlooked aspects to the US economy are the nearly 3.5 million men and women that call themselves truck drivers. Across the nation, truck drivers are working long hours and managing grueling schedules to ensure that deliveries are made on time. We are proud of our place in this industry.

We currently have positions available for Diesel Technicians and are always looking for great drivers! We want you as a member of the OFC -Schmidt – Barto Liquid Trucking team, and we have a lot to offer to ensure we have the best talent. Van, flatbed and reefer drivers are welcome to apply, and encouraged to discover why tank trucking outweighs the competition! Join our team today! 

Truck Driver Life - Liquid Trucking