Time for some fun! You know what a selfie is, but has it ever earned you CASH before? If you drive for Liquid Trucking you can officially say that your selfie earned you a larger paycheck.

We’re going to run a selfie contest and the winner gets 10,000 Drive for Gold points! Thats right, selfies for cash! If you’ve ever thought about a modeling career, this is your chance to get discovered, we have a pretty large social media audience!

Selfies for cash

Here are the rules:

1. Selfie must be with your truck in some fashion, whether its a specific part of you truck or the whole thing.

2. You must finish this sentence and submit it with your selfie: “I love working for Liquid Trucking because……..”

3. Image quality is important. So is creativity! Make sure we can see you and your truck somehow, but have fun, we want to see your personality!

4. Make sure its appropriate for us to use on social media! We’re going to pick the top 3 we receive by March 31st and we’ll make you famous.

Did we mention we’re soliciting selfies for cash? You want in, right?

IMPORTANT INFO: Selfies and “I love” statement must be submitted to: updates@liquidtrucking.com on or before March 31st, 2015. Once you submit your statement and image, the image is the property of Liquid Trucking and you authorize use of your image.