Towards the end of February the CCJ published an article outlining a new proposal for the House to consider.

Five Republicans in the U.S. House have introduced a bill that would require shippers, brokers, freight forwarders and others to vet carriers prior to hiring them. The bill also aims to remove the public assumption that carrier rankings in the DOT’s Compliance, Safety, Accountability program should be used as a tool to hire carriers.

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The public scores and its effect on the carrier community is old news. Many feel the scores assigned by the CSA are unfair and the program needs some serious revisions. The CCJ has a comprehensive look at the data of review. The new bill introduced would not only take a look at the CSA scores and their public availability but require a few new rules for choosing a carrier to pull together a nationally recognized hiring standard.

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This begs the question…what would change for Liquid Trucking, and the answer is NOTHING. We are extremely proud of our low CSA scores, as well as our own safety standards that make us one of the most successful liquid bulk carriers in the midwest.

“Trucking safety & compliance is a non-issue for Liquid Trucking.”, says Jason Eisenman, the safety and recruiting representative of Liquid Trucking. “It does not affect us good or bad due to this companies great CSA scores to begin with. It does change the requirements for each of our customers when selecting a carrier, they will have some steps that must be followed when reviewing our company. We feel confident that new process would only help us if anything due to our favorable standings.”

Choosing to work with or for Liquid Trucking is a no brainer. Regardless of what regulation is in place, our own company standards stand out consistently as a trustworthy, safe, and growing name in bulk liquid transport.