It’s that time again! Our March Drive for Gold leaderboard is available. Keep in mind these points are totals from February. We want to give you the opportunity to earn more with Liquid Trucking, because we know that our drivers not only drive the truck, but they drive our business. This is one way we show it!

Points are given for meeting timely benchmarks. You work hard for us, and we will always work hard for you! Win-win!

Earn More at Liquid Trucking

Earn More at Liquid Trucking


Join us and work with the best bulk liquid carrier in the Midwest! 

Stay Metrics, the organization that helps us reward our talented truck drivers, has a great case study available. Check out why Load One is seeing better retention. The reasons and statistics outlined by this company are the same reasons we choose to use Stay Metrics. We want satisfied drivers and we want them to partner with us for the long haul. Get it? Long….HAUL? Enough of our corny carrier jokes! The bottom line is… Earn more with Liquid Trucking, and work for a company that understands and respects your job, your hard work and your personal contribution to our success.

CURRENT LIQUID TRUCKING EMPLOYEES: Have you filled out your annual driver survey? We are looking forward to your feedback, please complete the survey at your earliest convenience! As soon as we have all of the results, we are able to more quickly process and respond to the feedback.