Are you looking for a gift for that special truck driver in your life? We know that it can be hard to find the right gift because you never know what they need while they’re on the road. However, there are a few things that we think will make their job easier and more enjoyable. Read on to find 15 of the best gifts that any truck driver would be happy to receive…


Bluetooth Headset

The Department of Transportation has made it illegal to use a hand-held cellphone while driving a commercial vehicle, so a wireless Bluetooth headset will help keep drivers safely connected with their loved ones while on the go. 


Stainless Steel Mug with Lid

Truckers can’t run without coffee, don’t you know? Buy a stainless steel mug, so their drinks can stay as hot or cold as they want them. You could even pair this with their favorite coffee to make a great gift set.


Comfy Seat Cushion

Truck driving requires a lot of sitting in the same position for long periods of time, which can be quite uncomfortable and maybe even painful. A comfy seat cushion can help relieve pressure and discomfort by readjusting their seated position.


Truck Sleep Mattress 

Make sure your loved one has a good night’s sleep by gifting them a portable sleep mattress. Buy a mattress that can unroll in just seconds, which is much more convenient than an air mattress. In addition, a memory foam mattress will provide comfort and support all night long.


Shower Kit

An on-the-go shower kit can make their rest stop shower a little bit more convenient and comfortable. In addition to the typical bathroom toiletries, be sure to include a quick-dry towel, shower shoes, and a bathrobe in your kit.


Electric Blanket

Keep your favorite trucker warm and cozy with an electric blanket while they’re away from home. A heated throw blanket is ideal for relaxing and napping, which can provide full-body comfort and warmth. 


Portable Lockbox

A portable lockbox is ideal for any driver who will be in and out of their truck. Instead of worrying about whether their valuables will be safe while they’re away from their cab, ease your mind with a lockbox that can safely store cash, checks, and other possessions.  


Satellite Radio

The radio is a driver’s best friend while on the road. Gift a satellite radio so they can listen to any station from anywhere. This will ensure that they stay entertained and alert while driving all day.



An audiobook subscription is a perfect gift for drivers. They can listen to novels or even study a new language while behind the wheel. Yet again, this is a great option to keep drivers entertained and focused while driving.


Polarized Sunglasses

A good pair of sunglasses is essential when hitting the road. High-quality lenses will help drivers see in all directions and reduce glare as well as protecting their eyes from the sun.


Leather Work Gloves

Give a pair of nice leather work gloves, which will keep their hands warm and protected when working on their truck and behind the wheel.  


Truck Atlas

What could possibly be more helpful than a truck atlas? Smartphones and GPS aren’t always the most reliable. Buy a specialized trucker atlas, so drivers can have a backup and feel confident when heading out on unfamiliar routes.


Power Inverter or USB Converter

Keeping your devices charged while on the road can be a challenge. Gift a power inverter or USB converter, so they can easily keep their batteries charged and stay connected.


Snack Basket

There is nothing better than a basket of your favorite snacks. Drivers might be in areas where they are far between truck stops, so a snack basket is perfect for easing their salty and sweet cravings until the next stop. 


Gift Cards

If you’re not quite sure what to get, there’s nothing wrong with giving a gift card. It takes the pressure off of you to find the very right thing, and it lets them buy exactly what they want and need!


Don’t forget to show your love and appreciation to your favorite truck driver. Use this list this holiday season to help you find the best gifts for them while on the road!