Now that the first day of spring has officially arrived, we can start thinking about crops. By being based in the heartland, we have many customers who are farmers and work in agriculture. As a means to serve those who feed our nation, we transport bulk liquid fertilizer to them throughout the Midwest. 

Liquid fertilizer has grown in popularity in recent years and is a great option to increase yields, ensure easy handling, and enhance efficiency. With the switch to liquid fertilizer, farmers have been able to meet their yield goals while sticking to their budget. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using bulk liquid fertilizer…

Benefits of Liquid Fertilizer

As we have hauled fertilizer and worked with farmers, we have learned the benefits of using liquid fertilizers for your crops. You can expect to apply less and receive more. Here are the benefits of choosing liquid fertilizer over granular, with the help from Bottomline Solutions

  • Easy and Uniform Application
    • Opposed to granular fertilizer, liquid fertilizer can seep into the soil more uniformly and spread further. This means that your fields can get an even amount of nutrients no matter the location. 
  • Fast-Acting
    • As soon as the liquid fertilizer hits the soil, it immediately starts the fertilization process, which is much quicker than granular fertilizer. For farmers who need quick root growth at the start of the season, this is a great solution. 
  • Diversity in Application Options
    • Liquid fertilizer can be easily blended with other fertilizers and herbicides. In some cases, one fertilization can be sufficient for the whole season, which results in an easy and timely application process.
  • Healthier Plants
    • It’s known that liquid fertilizers are better at balancing the pH of the soil. With liquid fertilizer, it’s easier to determine the amounts of chemicals being applied. Liquid fertilizers can also be used in-season, so nutrients can be targeted during times when plants need them most.

Crops for Liquid Fertilizer

Depending on the fertilizer chosen, you may get better growth for certain crops. However, in most cases, liquid fertilizers are commonly used to help these crops grow…

  • Alfalfa
  • Corn
  • Cotton
  • Potatoes
  • Soybeans
  • Sugarbeets
  • Wheat
  • Turf

We’re Here for You

When considering a bulk liquid carrier for fertilizer, you need to consider many factors and Liquid Trucking has thought of it all. When we provide service to any customer, we consider several aspects of your service that put us above average, for example…

  • Our equipment
  • Our record
  • Our current customers
  • Our drivers
  • Our commitment to integrity and excellence

Closing Thoughts

Whether your field is big or small, you’re a newbie or a pro, we are here to help get you what you need, whenever you need it. If you are preparing for planting and fertilizing, check out our website to get an online quote or chat with us at 844-GO-TANKS about bulk liquid fertilizer delivery.

Liquid Trucking takes pride in providing the highest quality liquid transport service out of the Midwest. We are a leading hauler of food/kosher, agriculture, and hazmat materials. After 30 years, we rank in the top 30 largest tank trucking companies in the United States.