When we asked our truck drivers “what is your favorite thing about working for Liquid Trucking,” we saw an overwhelming amount of answers that represented these three responses: job flexibility, a fulfilling community, and good pay. If you’re wondering if a career in trucking is right for you, these are three reasons to make the switch to trucking now…


Benefits of A Career in Trucking

  • Job Flexibility 

One of the best benefits of trucking is the flexibility that you get. Most truck drivers are given a start date, a delivery date, and potentially a lot of open space in the middle. It’s up to the truck drivers to plan their own route, which gives them the flexibility to make their own schedule. At Liquid Trucking, we understand that for most employees the time that they put in is to support their families, so we make sure our drivers get the opportunity to spend quality time with their loved ones on a regular basis. 

Flexibility could also speak to the freedom of trucking. Freedom can be achieved both mentally and physically. If you’re coming from a job where it was always fast-paced and kept you so busy you didn’t even have time to think, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with truck driving. You’ll spend many hours on the road, which gives you a lot of time to self-reflect and dream up new ideas. Additionally, trucking driving is freeing in the sense that you get to travel the country for days or even weeks on end. Very few careers get the luxury of seeing new places while on the clock, but with trucking, you always get to work with a view. 

  • Fulfilling Community

While you do get the opportunity for flexibility and freedom, a career in trucking is not always easy. It takes hard work and sacrifices to get the job done. Because of that, we have built a special community for our truck drivers. As we’ve said before, “when you’re a part of Liquid Trucking, you’re a part of a family.” We live up to this by creating a fulfilling environment and packing it with dependable and helpful people. Our community is full of people who are ready to lend a helping hand and offer their expertise when needed.

  • Good pay

 This response can’t get much more straightforward than that, but it shows that you get what you work for. Despite what many people think, you can earn a great wage with a career in trucking. As you gain more experience, improve your safety record, and earn CDL endorsements, the pay will only get better. Along with satisfying pay, truck drivers receive desirable employee benefits like health, dental, and life insurance, retirement plans, as well as paid vacation and weekly home time. 


Closing Thoughts

Liquid Trucking has been in business for over 30+ years. Since the beginning, it was built with the value of placing our employees at the forefront. As we continue to grow, we are committed to offering a fulfilling career for all of our truck drivers. Job flexibility, a fulfilling community, and good pay are just a few of the aspects that Liquid Trucking values, but we’re grateful that our employees are able to recognize each of these attributes. 

With happy employees, we are better able to serve our customers. If you need a liquid bulk hauler, we’d be happy to serve you. We’re hauling experts for food/kosher, agricultural, and hazmat materials. To get a quote today, call 844-GO-TANKS!