We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Our employees are what make our liquid bulk transport operation the best in the midwest and one of the top in the country. We’re proud of them, and who they are as employees and outside of our company, so what better way to showcase that, than to sit down and get to know everyone!

Grab a cup of Joe (Maybe add a shot of Bailey’s, we won’t judge!) on a beautiful, chilly Saturday and lets get to know Lori!

coffee with Liquid Trucking

Today we’re getting to know Lori Blotzer! 

Lori with Liquid Trucking

Liquid Trucking: Hi Lori! Can you tell us a little bit about your role at our company?

Lori: I’m the office manager. Some of my responsibilities include Accounts Receivable, billing, collections, and applying all money for all freight received. I am also responsible for licensing and permitting. I work with our CPA’s to aid in creating financial statements and tax returns. I am also responsible for our weekly Friday meeting with Roger, this meeting shows Roger at a glance what is coming in and going out.

LT: We know you’re a pretty important part of our operations around here! How long have you been with Liquid Trucking? And have you always had this same role?

Lori: I have worked here since September of 1996. I have always been responsible for accounts receivable, but at one time I was also in charge of creating and billing repairs for the back of the house. I was also responsible for new hire files. Background checks, safety measures, things that are not taken care of by our Safety Department.

LT: WOW! You’ll be celebrating your 20 year Anniversary with LT next year. How cool. What is the best part of your job?

Lori: The people! They can be a pain, but they are also like family. I feel they truly care for all of us, and I know I care for all of them.

LT: What is the one thing you would want others to know about your job?

Lori: If just one time ALL drivers could turn in  all of their Bill of Ladings, scale tickets, and wash receipts on time…we wouldn’t know what to do. We might be viewed as having boring desk jobs, but there is never a dull moment in our office!

LT: I have a feeling I’ll know the answer to this, but how would you describe your BEST day at work?

Lori:  The best day scenario would be a Friday afternoon, all freight has been billed, revenue was outstanding, our Friday meeting is over and its quiet and peaceful. Still waiting for this to happen after 19 years! Ha!

LT: Ah, well please know we appreciate all of your hard work even amidst the busy and chaos! Now, what does the best day off look like for you?

Lori: Ahh. Laying in the sun on the beach at Hidden Hollow, reading a good book, with a cooler of ice cold Bud Light right next to me.

LT: Oh that sound awesome, especially now that its getting colder! Give us one unknown, fun fact about you!

Lori: I was a beauty school dropout!

LT: Definitely a different industry than we’re working in now! Now, for a few rapid fire fun questions!

LT: Beach or Mountains?                                          Lori: BEACH!

LT: Chocolate or Vanilla?                                          Lori: Chocolate

LT: Coffee or Soda?                                                  Lori: Soda

LT: Pancakes or Waffles?                                         Lori: Pancakes

LT: Morning or Night?                                               Lori: Morning

LT: Rock or Country?                                                Lori: All

LT: Okay, now a few of the ever popular “Would you rather…”

LT: Fly or be invisible?                                             Lori: Fly

LT: Be 3ft. tall or 8ft. tall?                                         Lori: 8ft.

LT: Visit the year 1850 or 2150?                             Lori: 2150

LT: Speak to/understand animals or speak/understand every language?     Lori: Animals!

LT: Get rid of all bad drivers on the road or never have to wait in line? Lori: Never have to wait!

LT: Thank you for your time, Lori! It’s been fun getting to know you!

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