It’s that time again! We hope you look forward to getting to know us each month! This month Coffee with Liquid Trucking is going to feature another very important person in our every day operations! We’re taking a walk over to hang out with Billy in the Truck Shop!

coffee with LT

Billy Milczski is our resident Shop Foreman and has been with us for a decade! Overall, Billy has been working in the trucking industry for 26 years and we are really happy to have him!

“Billy does great job for us while providing a laugh and smile anytime you need it. His personality around here is contagious.”  – Jason Eisenman

Liquid Trucking: We’re excited to get to know Billy today, so lets gets started! Tell the best part of your job!

Billy: I’d have to say the satisfaction of fixing a complicated problem.

LT: Awesome. We absolutely appreciate that, works out well for us! What would you want people to know about what you do?

Billy: I’d want others to understand that there is a lot of technology in our trucks these days, not everything can be a quick fix. If I had any advice, I’d say to start small and simple and move on from there. Sometimes it IS simple, but if it’s not, lets get those less complicated options ruled out.

LT: Thats understandable, and a great piece of advice. That being said, is there a favorite or “go to” tool that you  favor in the shop?

Billy: Definitely our computer diagnostic equipment, it helps us get answers as quickly as possible so we can get to fixing the problem.

LT: How different from just a few decades ago! Who would have thought a computer would be a vital mechanical tool! Okay, enough about work, what are you up to outside of the shop?

Billy: Hanging out with my awesome kids.

LT: We happen to have a great picture of you and the kids!

Billy: They are the best!

Billy M

LT: Okay – now for a little fun, we’ll give you the same choices we give everyone and you give us your answers!

LT: Beach or Mountains?                                          Billy: BEACH!

LT: Chocolate or Vanilla?                                          Billy: Chocolate

LT: Coffee or Soda?                                                  Billy: Soda

LT: Pancakes or Waffles?                                         Billy: Pancakes

LT: Morning or Night?                                               Billy: Night

LT: Rock or Country?                                                Billy: Rock!

LT: Okay, now a few of the ever popular “Would you rather…”

LT: Fly or be invisible?                                             Billy: Invisible

LT: Be 3ft. tall or 8ft. tall?                                         Billy: 8ft.

LT: Visit the year 1850 or 2150?                           Billy: 2150

LT: Speak to/understand animals or speak/understand every language?     Billy: Speak/understand languages!

LT: Get rid of all bad drivers on the road or never have to wait in line? Billy: Never wait

LT: Thank you for your time, Billy! It’s been fun getting to know you, we hope you had a great Christmas!

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