Daylight Saving 2015 is upon us! Tomorrow evening we set our clocks ahead one hour. No one understands the importance of this change than a Liquid Trucking employee! We live and breath by deadlines, so we want to make sure you’re well prepared and reminded about this upcoming leap!

Daylight Savings 2015 - Liquid Trucking


We also understand that the time change wrecks havoc on our internal schedules and we want you to stay safe and healthy while on the road.

Do drink plenty of liquids, making sure to avoid alcohol and caffeinated beverages in the late afternoon and evening.

Don’t have a huge meal late at night and go to bed. … that’s a recipe for disrupting sleep.

Do get up at the same time on your regular schedule, regardless of the sunrise.

Do get physical. Exercise is a good thing!

Don’t tackle any complicated tasks an hour before bed, and keep your bedroom (or truck cabin!) a refuge for sleep.

Read the full article for tips from CBS NEWS to keep your body on track during this transition! 

Daylight Savings 2015 – Liquid Trucking tips, tricks!