Broken docks, updated access codes, new contact person, temporary re-routing, safety equipment changes, and parking instructions… What if every driver in your fleet always knew the critical details about each location they deliver to? What if they had the power to update that information as they encountered any new scenarios throughout their delivery routes? The list of things your drivers need to know is endless and that information usually vanishes if a driver leaves the company. However, that can all change with the help of DeliveRecon

DeliveRecon is a driver-centric solution to driver training and real-time knowledge sharing. Two helpful features of this app are location knowledge sharing and document scanning. Here’s how to use each of these features once you’re logged into the app:

Location Knowledge Sharing – Find and edit location information.

  1. Click on “Locations” to pull up a list of all current customers in your company’s database. 
  2. Scroll through the list to find your customer or type in their name. 
  3. Click on the customer you want. 
  4. Once you’re on the customer profile, click the green “More” button, which shows more location information. This information can all be edited from your device. 
  5. To edit, click on the pencil icon. From there, you can edit the fields that you wish. Remember that the more accurate and detailed information that you share, the more information that drivers will have available to them in the future for when they deliver or pick up from this location, which can reduce frustration and delays. 
  6. When you’re done, click the save icon. 
  7. The same steps can be used for the “Loading Info” section. 
  8. Update the “Safety Equipment Section” by tapping the toggles.
  9. Before the information is available on all devices, your dispatcher will receive the new information, approve the change site-wide, and award points for your update. Until your submission is approved, it will not be displayed on DeliveRecon. 

Document Scanning – Ensure timely invoicing of customers — even when your fleet is still in the field. 

  1. Click on “Capture Documents” from the main menu. 
  2. Enter your load number so that your scans can be associated with that specific load. The only time that a load number is not required is when you’re sending a pay sheet by itself. 
  3. Now, you’re ready to scan. Choose “Add” in the lower right corner and click either “Add From Camera” or “Add From Gallery.”
  4. For the best results, lay your document on a flat surface and ensure that you have good lighting. 
  5. Hold your device above your document. The app will identify the edges and capture the document automatically.
  6. Crop the image if needed.
  7. When done, click the checkmark in the upper right corner. 
  8. Using the menu options, specify the type of document you are scanning.
  9. From there, you can either delete, add more documents, or submit the document to your company. 
  10. Once you submit, it’s important to wait for the batch confirmation and click ”Ok.” All of your documents are stored on the app and are time and date-stamped for your convenience. 

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With this app, you’ll no longer miss critical information that can improve your fleet’s safety and efficiency. Put the power of collaborative knowledge sharing in each driver’s hands with location knowledge sharing and document scanning. Interested? Request to test drive the app today at