Our next employee spotlight is Ashlyn Ramos! Ashlyn has a unique Liquid Trucking experience as she is both a new Recruiter and also the wife of one of our truck drivers, Moises Ramos.

As a Recruiter, Ashlyn knows that the trucking industry can be challenging, but she’s here to help people find the right company and position for them as a driver, technician, or wash bay employee.

Ashlyn initially made the career switch to LT because she knew how happy her husband was working for this company. With that in mind, she decided to join the team herself. As she has settled into her new job, her favorite thing about working at LT is the friendly staff.

As a wife of a driver, she has been pleased with her overall experience. Her husband is frequently gone for longer periods of time as an OTR driver. When the time comes to request some R&R, he always gets it — no questions asked. The company’s flexibility builds a solid foundation for both work and family, which isn’t always the case in the trucking industry.

One of LT’s core values is that they are a family-oriented company. Not only are they family-owned and operated, they truly put their employee’s families first. With most of the management and staff having families of their own, Ashlyn believes that it creates more understanding when family matters come up. She has found that LT is very supportive and invested in their employees, which makes her feel less like a number and more like a valued employee.

When she’s not busy working, Ashlyn enjoys spending time with her husband. They like to travel, discover new things, and get outdoors as much as possible.

We’re happy to have Ashlyn on our team, and we know she’ll be a great help to anyone looking to join the Liquid Trucking crew. Welcome to the family, Ashlyn Ramos!