It’s Employee Appreciation Day! At Liquid Trucking, we appreciate all the men and women who are committed to their jobs and help move our company forward. Among those dedicated employees is Chris Baltushis. Chris is the Terminal Manager at the South Sioux City location, and this month marks his 21st year at Liquid Trucking!


When Chris joined the company, he began as a truck driver. He loved hopping behind the wheel and making deliveries across the country, but when the Terminal Manager position arose, he jumped at the opportunity. 


As Terminal Manager, Chris’s responsibilities are to oversee the day-to-day operations of the terminal. In simpler terms, he does it all. Everything from maintenance, inventory, parts, wash bay, dispatch, and so much more. He enjoys the challenge of multitasking, but it takes a lot of focus and determination to stay on top of it all. 


From his days of driving to his days as manager, Chris has seen this company change and grow at first hand. The terminal in South Sioux City started with two people (him being one) and has grown to 50 people. It’s obvious that the company has had its fair share of success and has come a long way. 


With the growth of the company, Chris’s favorite thing about his job is the people. The caliber of drivers and employees is unmatched. The people are fun to work with, and he truly cares about them all. If it weren’t for the good people, he says he wouldn’t still be here. 


As Chris rings in another year at Liquid Trucking, he says he is looking forward to what the next year will bring. 


We would like to thank Chris for all of his work hard and dedication. And, we look forward to another year with his leadership and expertise on the team! Thank you, Chris Baltushis!


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