Next up is Don Hotchkiss! Don has been a Diesel Mechanic at Liquid Trucking for two years but has over 25 years of experience. His main responsibilities as a Diesel Mechanic are to maintain the fleet and service the trucks. 

Liquid Trucking was on Don’s radar for many years as he would drive by it going to his other job. After a while, he decided to do some research on the company, and he like what he saw. 

There’s a lot of things that Don appreciates about this job — it’s flexible and family-oriented, the employees are valued, and the people are here to help more so than any other company. 

This job always keeps him on his toes and can be quite a juggling act at times. It’s been enjoyable for him to keep up with and help out the younger guys. While he still has some pep in his step, he is looking forward to retirement a few years down the road.

We appreciate all the knowledge and experience that Don brings to the table. Thank you for all you do for Liquid Trucking, Don!