Next up on our employee spotlight list is Troy Warnecke! Troy has been Liquid Trucking’s Assistant Safety and Compliance Officer since July 2020. Before accepting the job at Liquid Trucking, he received his bachelor’s degree at Bowling Green State University and worked at a regional office for a wholesale distributor.

As a safety and compliance officer, Troy’s main responsibility is to lead safety programs and track safety data. In addition to safety, he also helps with online ads and social media management. He chose Liquid Trucking because he simply liked the people that he interviewed with and knew that it was going to be a good fit for him. The most challenging part of his job is that no two days are alike. When dealing with safety, you always have to think on your feet and be ready to find a solution. As he continues at Liquid Trucking, he hopes to bring more technology to the fleet. The right technology can make trucking safer by monitoring fatigue, sending driver alerts, and offering navigation assistance.

Troy is originally from Ohio but has now lived in Nebraska for three years and is happily engaged to his fiance, Sara. 

As a company, we would like to say thank you to Troy for committing to safety and excellence. We’re so glad to have you a part of our Liquid Trucking family!