At Liquid Tricking, we have some of the newest and best-maintained vehicles in the industry. Our fleet is made up of Freightliner Cascadias, which are some of the most popular trucks on the road. Here are a few tips for operating your Freightliner Cascadia safely and efficiently:

Tips for Operating Freightliner Cascadias

Defensive Driving

First and foremost, always practice defensive driving while behind the wheel of your Freightliner Cascadia. This means being aware of your surroundings and other drivers on the road, avoiding distractions, and adjusting your driving style based on the road conditions. The Freightliner Cascadia has multiple exterior and interior safety features that you can use to become a more defensive driver.

Keep Enough Stopping Distance

Make sure you always leave enough room between your truck and the car in front of you. Slick roads, lane closures, and accidents can all cause traffic to slow down or come to a stop, so be prepared to hit the breaks. “The Freightliner Cascadia offers the Detroit Assurance® Suite of Safety Systems, including Active Brake Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control.” These advanced safety features can help you maintain a safe following distance and avoid collisions.

Adjust Driving Style For Road Conditions

Rain, snow, ice, and fog will reduce your visibility. When you’re driving on these types of road conditions, you have to adjust your driving style — become hyperaware, reduce your speed, and utilize your visibility tools. “The Freightliner Cascadia is the first OEM to offer standard full-LED exterior and interior lighting for improved visibility at night, and standard heated exterior mirrors to help drivers see the road in the event of snow, sleet, or ice.”

Do Pre and Post-Trip Inspections

Preventive maintenance measures will help keep you safe on the road and minimize downtime. When doing your pre and post-trip inspections, you can keep an eye out for damage or potential problems. “The Freightliner Cascadia offers an optional pre-trip vehicle inspection system that flashes all exterior lights for a quick and complete inspection before drivers hit the road.”

Get Your Rest

It’s important to get enough rest before driving, especially if you’ll be behind the wheel for long periods of time. Our trucks are equipped with features that will bring you comfort and peace of mind. “The Freightliner Cascadia has an all-new Driver’s Loft with a two-seat dinette that folds down for a swing-out full-size bed and dimmable LED halo lighting for reduced eye strain. It also has a new front suspension for a smoother ride and less driver fatigue.”

Avoid Distractions

In order to drive safely, you need to be focused on the task at hand. Eating, drinking, talking on the phone, and fiddling with the radio are all distractions that can take your attention away from the road. “The Cascadia features a low-mounted, ergonomic wraparound dashboard with easy-to-reach switches and steering wheel controls to help keep eyes on the road.”

Rely on Diesel and Trailer Technicians

If you’re having problems with your truck or trailer, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Our team of highly trained diesel and trailer technicians is here to assist you. They can help you troubleshoot problems, make repairs, and perform maintenance.

Closing Thoughts

Following these tips will help you operate your Freightliner Cascadia safely and efficiently. If you have any questions about your truck, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Diesel and Trailer Technicians. For more information, please call 844-GO-TANKS!

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