We asked our awesome drivers to get creative and send us selfies with their trucks, telling us what they thought was so awesome about working for Liquid Trucking. We offered them some CASH for the most creative and we were so impressed that we chose TEN winners to receive Drive for Gold points they can redeem for CASH! The Liquid Trucking company culture is vital to our success, and we think ours is great!



Our fourth entry is from Greg Allwein. We have to say, a horse submitting a selfie is pretty awesome, but we checked and Greg is actually a human driver for us here at Liquid Trucking. The horse did agree to allow his svelte self to be posted on our blog.

 “I love liquid trucking because of the scenery, you never get dirty and once in a while you get a free tank wash.” – Greg Allwein 


We love this shot! As a truck driver for Liquid Trucking, you get the best of both worlds. You get to have the career you want but with the best benefits in the industry including top pay (hourly, NOT mileage!) and weekly home time.  In fact, we are hiring more drivers right now! We are proud to have so many valued drivers and we’re even more proud of the fact that they enjoy their job! If you’re looking for a new job as a truck driver or diesel mechanic, we’d love to talk to you about joining us at Liquid Trucking! 


Thanks for this great shot, Greg! Please let all of our drivers know where they can get their own free tank wash!

Curious about what Drive for Gold is? Our drivers are the best in the business and we want to keep them around for the long haul. What better way to do that, than offer extra cash, and in this case…just for taking a selfie and telling us why you love your job! We have an ongoing partnership with Stay Metrics to reward our drivers for their hard work by giving them what they want most…MONEY!