Did you know Nebraska was once considered part of “The Great American Desert”? While today we consider our state to be part of the Great Plains, we found this to be a fascinating fact. And we still think the ‘Great’ moniker fits pretty well! This is just one of the fun facts we found when we saw that Liquid Trucking was featured in Fueloyal’s Top 10 Trucking Companies in Nebraska.

We are honored to appear on such a list alongside many other companies doing great work here in Nebraska. We are also honored that Fueloyal decided to point out that we have been family-owned since our inception in 1989, and that we are one of the 30 largest tank trucking companies in the US. That we consider ourselves a family company is very important to who we are, and we appreciate that being pointed out.

If you haven’t already, head over to Fueloyal and give the list a read. We truly do have a great trucking industry here in Nebraska, filled with good companies and good people. If you’re involved in the trucking industry in Nebraska, make sure you know the people at the Nebraska Trucking Association. They are one of the great assets available to the people and businesses in our industry.