We are really excited to announce that we’ve received a very generous grant in partnership with Cass County from the Nebraska Environmental Trust. We believe that Compressed Natural Gas is the best sustainable fueling option of the future and we are ready to do our part to make that a reality with a $1.8 Million dollar fueling facility that will be built on our land.

Paving the way for the future of Trucking!

Paving the way for the future of Trucking!

Please take some time to read the full press release below. We are just now in the planning stages, talking about the development of the land and we look forward to keeping everyone up to date with the progress!

Liquid Trucking Companies of Plattsmouth, Ne

For Immediate Release

July 1st , 2015 

TITLE: Cass County, Liquid Trucking Companies receive clean air grant

Partnering with Cass County, Liquid Trucking Companies has been awarded $400,000 in funding towards the construction and operation of a new Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueling facility to be build on their property. The grant comes from the Nebraska Environmental Trust which seeks to award grant money to state wide municipal entities towards environmental improvement. 

The grant will be distributed over a three year period. Initially, $100,000 will be allocated to be used through June of 2016. $150,000 will be allocated for years two and three that follow. OFC/Schmidt Liquid Trucking Companies will be funding the remainder of the cost to open and run the facility out of Plattsmouth, Ne. 

The Cass County Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Motor Vehicle Fuel Project will facilitate the use of Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV’s) in the county, city of Plattsmouth, and surrounding communities. CNG offers an immediately available fuel solution to make substantial reductions in air pollutants from commercial and personal vehicles. CNG is by far the most abundant and cost effective commercially viable option on the market today. 

Cass County will sponsor the project. OFC/Schmidt Liquid Trucking Companies will partner in funding the project. The two entities will focus on constructing a public CNG fuel facility on the Liquid Trucking Companies property that is located just off highway 75, north of Plattsmouth. This location is just six miles from the new I-29 bridge. Liquid Trucking Companies successfully operates 14 NGV’s within their fleet. Class County intends to purchase 10 NVG’s as well. In addition to local vehicles, Cass County has gained commitments from several fleets across the country to use this facility regularly as they pass through the area on dedicated routes. In addition to the environmental benefits, all entities surrounding the county will have an opportunity to see immediate savings in fuel costs following the completion of this project. 

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