Has the southeast corner of the Plattsmouth yard caught your attention recently? If your interest has peaked, then allow us to shed some light on this recent development. 

We are so excited to announce the construction of a new building on the property that will both free up space and simultaneously create opportunities for growth. This new space will help us meet the needs of our ever growing fleet and provide much-needed additional space for our shops, offices and wash facilities. 

In addition to the extra space, this building will house a new driver training facility. Being able to do our training on-site and indoors, including our hands-on training is key to improving the quality of our training program. This will help us ensure that our drivers are properly trained and prepared to safely operate their haulers.

The new facility will also house our administrative staff, which will help improve communication between all departments. Having all of our staff under one roof will help us work more efficiently and effectively.

We are also building this space on higher ground to help better protect our employees and equipment from future flooding. This will help us maintain a safe and secure work environment for our employees and minimize the impact of any future disruptions to our operations.

With all of that being said, we should see quite a bit of space open up near the current wash building and tractor shop. Majority of the cars parked in this area will be moved to the new building which will allow for more trailer parking near the wash building. 

With the additional space in both the wash building and tractor shop, we will be able to expand our driver break room and amenities. In the future, we anticipate adding to the current wash bays and truck service bays. The current trailer shop will be expanded right away as well. 

The southeast section of the property will also see a lot of dirt being hauled in to create more space for parking and future facilities.

We are excited to see all of these changes through in a continued effort to improve efficiency, work culture and our driver’s experience here at our yard. Thank you all for your hard work in making it possible for this company to continue to grow and prosper!