If your Qualcomm MCP 200 touch screen likes to give you fits, know you aren’t alone. There are a few common issues with these machines, but the good news is there’s usually a relatively easy fix. Below, find some of the most common issues with this machine and how to remedy them.

Calibrating the Touch Screen.

Sometimes the touch screen won’t respond to your finger or stylus. When that happens, use the right arrow to go to the next page of apps, and select “settings.” At the top, select “displays,” and on the bottom right of your screen, click “calibrate.” Then, touch and hold the blinking target in each of the four corners of the screen. That should recalibrate the machine. This should take about 14 seconds.

Calibrating the Touch Screen (Manual Override).

If the touch screen won’t respond at all, you may need to recalibrate the machine using a manual override. In order to do that, first hit the home button located above the arrows. Then use the right arrow then the enter button to get to the second page of apps. Using the arrow buttons, navigate to the “settings” tab. Use the central “enter” button to get into settings. Once again, use the arrow and enter buttons to navigate to the “display” tab. To get to the “calibrate” button at the bottom, use the TAB key on your keyboard. Press TAB as many times as you need until “calibrate” is highlighted and then press enter. Using your finger or stylus, touch and hold the blinking target in each of the four corners of the screen to recalibrate the machine. This should take about 24 seconds.

Soft Reset.

If the screen has frozen on your MCP 200 or you are are experiencing other difficulties, try a soft reset. In order to do this, press the home button, then press and hold the speech key button in the top right corner. After a few seconds of holding the button, you’ll hear a beep, and the device will restart. This is a good first step to take if your machine has frozen. This should take about 32 seconds.


In order to reboot the machine entirely, press the home button, press the right arrow to get to the next page, press “system,” press “diag. tap” at the top, press “run all” in the lower right corner. This should take about 15 seconds.