Liquid Trucking is excited to introduce the Valenz Access Network to our current benefits package! This addition provides even more access to providers in your area, with over 60,000 locations across the network. All of our existing medical benefits remain in place – this is simply an added extra that we’re confident will be of great use and value to our drivers and their families!

Vālenz Access offers a number of advantages for healthcare organizations, including:

  • A custom network of top-performing providers in your region
  • Advanced analytics to identify cost-saving opportunities
  • A complete health administrative ecosystem
  • Smarter, better, faster healthcare for members

With Valenz Access, members experience 10-25% better hospital quality and less frequently experience complications from poor hospital performance. 

Compared with existing national PPOs and local carriers, members are able to take advantage of 15-20% lower price-per-unit costs and up to 85% in-network participation.

Valenz Access Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is Valenz Access?

Valenz Access is a High Value PPO Network geared towards you. You’re given a select list of providers to choose from who will provide you with high quality and cost effective care. 

I don’t see the doctor that I want. What should I do?

You can complete a “Provider Nomination Form” online if you aren’t seeing the name of the specific doctor you want to go to. This form will be submitted directly to Valenz in which they will determine if your provider can be added to the network. You can find this form by visiting and clicking on the “Access” link in the upper right hand corner. You will find the “Nominate a Provider” link there, simply follow the directions provided. You can contact Valenz for assistance if you experience any confusion.

Accessing the Valenz Member Portal:

The Valenz Member Portal allows you to find the quality healthcare you need. Simply follow the link below:

Valenz Member Portal

Once in the application, you can locate a provider based on their name, specialty, type of facility or services provided as seen below. The application defaults to the location of your computer and will return a list of providers in your immediate area.

If you want to search for a provider in another area, after you get your first search results based on your computer location, select “refine search” and uncheck the “my location” box. This will allow you to enter another address to search from as depicted below. 

Besides being able to enter an alternate location, the “refine search” input box allows you to select:

  • Network
    • Valenz Access – These are providers that are contracted with Valenz and are in network 
    • Valenz Friendly – These are providers that are not contracted with Valenz, but have accepted Valenz payments in the past
  • Language – English or Spanish
  • Gender – Male of Female (if available)
  • Rating – A quality rating, if available, of one to 5 stars (5 is best) 
  • Cost – A cost rating, if available, of one to 5 stars (5 is highest) 

Once done, you should see a map and listing of providers in your area. 

Once you select a provider from the map, you can see further details such as services performed, cost and quality rating (if available), network participation, etc. and also create and print driving directions.

If you have any questions about the Valenz Access Network or how it can work for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You’re always welcome to stop by and see Jason Eisenman in the main office or send an email to We’re always happy to help!