As a trucking company, we understand the importance of safety, productivity, and a good company image. What if we told you there’s something that can boost all three of these things? The solution: the full-service tank washes at Midwest Tank Wash in Plattsmouth and South Sioux City.


Health and Safety

First and foremost, we understand the importance of the health and safety of cleaning your tanks. As a bulk liquid hauler, our trailers have to be washed and dried after every shipment. Whether you’re hauling food-grade products or chemicals, a visit to the tank wash prevents contamination between different loads. Not only are our washes quick, but they’re also effective. We can use a combination of steam, pressurized water, and adjustable nozzles to get to hard-to-reach places that may be more susceptible to build-up. For a more extensive clean, our tank wash team can go inside the tank and scrub if necessary. 



Another goal of ours is productivity. Not only is it important for our own tank wash team, but we recognize that those bringing in their trucks from off the road also have a job to do. We like to work at a quick and efficient pace. As a way to minimize downtime, drivers can plan ahead and by letting us know when they expect to arrive. Drivers can either fill out the form online or call 844-GO-TANKS. By doing so, it simply gives our team a heads up and will know when to expect your arrival so we can provide a hassle-free and efficient service to you. While you wait, drivers are welcome to use our driver showers and lounges.


Company Image

Lastly, we’ll never underestimate a good company image. We set high expectations for the quality of washes our team provides. It’s our goal to meet the cleanliness standards of both the driver and the loader. Additionally, our external washes ensure that your trucks are always looking their best when they roll out on the open road. Having a clean truck reflects a positive company image and a professional service. Regularly getting your truck washed can help keep your fleet well-maintained and like-new — and can hopefully offset a replacement purchase for a while. 


Our Services

At Midwest Tank Wash, we’re ready to serve you. Here’s a complete list of services we off at both of our locations:

  • Kosher
  • Food Grade
  • Pneumatics
  • Hoppers
  • Reefers Trailers
  • Syngenta Preferred
  • Steam Capabilities
  • Drying Capabilities
  • External Washes Available
  • Showers and Lounge Available


Come Visit Us

The next time you need to get your tank washed, visit us at Midwest Tank Wash. We’re conveniently located in Plattsmouth and South Sioux City. Just simply let us know when you’re on your way (or when you expect to arrive), and we’ll make sure your stay is easy and efficient! To reach us, please visit or call 844-GO-TANKS. 

If you’re looking for a bulk liquid hauler, check out our parent company Liquid Trucking. Liquid Trucking has been operating for over 30 years and has grown to be in the top 30 largest tank trucking companies in the U.S. They provide the highest quality liquid transport services out the midwest, servicing the continental U.S. and Canada. Plus, when choosing Liquid Trucking, you can always expect a clean truck!