In 1989, Liquid Trucking was founded as a family-owned and operated business. Over the 30+ years, we have grown our business and now rank in the top 30 largest trucking companies in the United States. So, what sets us apart from our competitors? Let’s just put it simply… We care! It shows in our safety record, our equipment, and our staff and management.


Out of every trip we make, safety is the number one goal. Essentially, it is at the core of everything we do. Our drivers are not only working with their safety in mind but for the safety and well-being of those they share the road with. They are trained in the latest safety procedures and have equipment that is in safe working order. As a team, we consistently discuss the best safety practices for drivers. We remind our crew of things like having all personal and truck paperwork before heading out each day, scheduling routine repairs in the shop, and performing pre and post-trip inspections at the beginning and end of each day. By incorporating daily habits, like these, into our routine will ensure that we are always safe and operating at our best.

Our Equipment:

From our trucks, tools, and technology, we hold our equipment to a high standard. At Liquid Trucking, taking care of our equipment is the foundation of our successful work. We consistently re-invest into our company and make sure we have the best equipment that is well-maintained and reliable to do the unique job of liquid bulk tanking. By investing in our equipment, that means our employees can work faster and safer. Additionally, other ways we have found to keep our productivity high is by having our own fueling stations, wash bays, and mechanical shops on site. This helps minimize delays and waiting time if we were to go elsewhere, and it helps us reach our goal of keeping our trucks moving and having on-time deliveries. Overall, we can be more efficient and stay in front of the competition with well-maintained equipment.

Staff and Management:

We have been a family-oriented company since day one, and we believe that we still are. Family is a very important piece of how we manage our business. Once employees come to work here, they feel as though they are a part of a family. We value them and are constantly looking for ways to make their jobs more safe, easy, and rewarding. A few ways we have shown our appreciation to our employees is by offering competitive wages, home time, branded merchandise, and company parties. Not only do our family values show in the way we treat our employees, but it shows in the way we treat our customers as well. Since the beginning, we have been big proponents of being customer-friendly. Our customers can expect on-time deliveries, open communication, no spills, and just doing the job right.

From safety, to equipment, to staff, it is evident that we care at Liquid Trucking. Our commitment to caring does not just stop with our employees, our customers can attest to it, too. When choosing Liquid Trucking to haul your bulk liquids, you will know that your load is in good hands. As a specialized business, we have focused our efforts on transporting liquids as safely and efficiently as possible. We can haul anything from food, alcohol, or chemicals, and we have experience serving Fortune 500 businesses, small businesses, and everyone in between. To learn more about Liquid Trucking, please call 844-GO-TANKS.