Liquid Trucking has been transporting bulk liquids across the United States and parts of Canada for over 30 years. Our highly knowledgeable staff and drivers know the business inside and out. We know liquids! 


Being based in the midwest, our customer base is predominantly agricultural as are our friends, family, and neighbors. We understand the needs and rigors of farm life and strive to serve those who feed our nation. When it’s springtime, we know it’s fertilizer time, and we haul fertilizer to our friends in the field in more than a dozen Midwestern states, and we’d be happy to serve you.


As liquid fertilizers are growing in popularity around the world due to more consistent coverage and ease of application, we find ourselves moving more liquid than ever to farms (both big and small) throughout the country. 


With planting time upon us, it has been shown that there is great advantage to using a liquid starter fertilizer in conjunction with planting due to lower salt content than granular fertilizers. 

Liquid fertilizers can also be used in season so nutrients can be targeted during times when plants are more able to accept them. This article from Michigan State University clarifies what farmers already know:

  • Ease of handling and application (once set up)
  • Ease of blending
  • Uniformity of application
  • Starter and in-season application
  • Blend with crop protection products


If this is your first year using liquid fertilizer or you’re an old pro, we are here to help get you


 what you need, whenever you need it. 


If you are preparing for planting and fertilizing, check us out at to get an online quote or call chat with us at 844-GO-TANKS. 


Liquid Trucking has the experience and knowledge to move any liquid product you need. We have extensive experience hauling all types of liquid from HAZMAT to temperature-sensitive throughout the US.