Truck drivers frequently encounter unexpected challenges that hinder their efficiency or put them behind schedule. For example, a security code at an entry gate for a delivery may have been changed without notice. With the help of DeliveRecon, a driver knowledge base app, it allows drivers to communicate issues like this to each other, dispatchers, and management. If you need onsite real-time delivery training? Choose DeliveRecon. 


Why is DeliveRecon Helpful?

Throughout the day, our drivers and dispatchers serve hundreds of customers across the country – accurate and timely communication is crucial to getting the job done efficiently and safely. With this app, drivers can know what to expect for every pickup and delivery. It allows critical details to be stored for each location. Drivers now have the power to verify, update, and share that information as they encounter any new scenarios throughout their delivery routes. Since they are the ones who are experiencing it first-hand, they are in the best position to provide the most up-to-date details at each location (way more detailed and accurate than outdated info in the home office database).

When drivers have direct access to the right information, it can avoid headaches and significant financial loss. With the proper instructions, a driver can avoid:

  • A major insurance claim
  • Loss of the vehicle
  • Spill fine
  • Loss of customer confidence
  • Frustrated employees


What Information Can the App Store?

The app itself can store information, such as:

  • Critical location and contact information: Find a full list of company customer locations. Selecting a location will pull up the current data stored in the company’s secure database like location and contact information. 
  • Comprehensive load and delivery information: Access load information, check-in procedures, PPE/safety requirements, and media (helpful photos, videos, and audio), so drivers can be prepared for anything when they arrive.
  • On-the-road accident reporting: Document accidents at the point-of-occurrence for more accurate and timely reporting. The photo capture feature lets drivers record comprehensive and accurate details at the time of the incident. This is an incredibly useful resource for damage claims, insurance, and potential litigation. 

Closing Thoughts

What’s the benefit of having the DeliveRecon app? When drivers are able to easily access this information, they are able to serve their customers seamlessly to their satisfaction. Being able to prepare your drivers for any delivery can solidify relationships with customers. In addition, it can create drivers who feel confident in the delivery process and know where to get help when they need it. 

Share your knowledge and experience with drivers by using DeliveRecon. In the end, this app will save your drivers time and save you money. Want to learn more about DeliveRecon? Visit!