Winter Maintenance Tips for Truckers


When driving in winter weather, it’s important to stay safe and be prepared for anything. Truckers have a particular set of challenges when it comes to driving in the snow, but with the right tips and precautions, you can make sure your trip goes smoothly – even on the worst days.


Tire Health


According to the NHTSA, one in every 11 crashes experienced an issue with the tire before it occurred. Knowing these statistics, it’s crucial to monitor your tires’ health. This means checking the tread depth and air pressure frequently.


Uneven Patterns


Looking at the patterns on tires, you can tell if there’s any unnatural wear caused by alignment issues, worn bearings or kingpin wear. It’s important to take immediate steps to correct this issue before it causes further damage and expense, so that you can drive safely and with confidence.


Check Wheel Hubs


If you spot steam or melted snow coming off of your wheel hubs, this could be a signal for overheating wheel bearings. Other signs include: an unusual rattling noise from under the car, trembling in the steering wheel when driving at higher speeds, or even cracks and dents appearing on the wheel hub itself. 


Charge Up Your Battery


If you’re stuck in sub-zero temperatures without a working battery, you can be left stranded and cold. That’s why it’s important to regularly test your truck’s battery and make sure it has enough juice to get you through the cold weather.


Windshield Wipers


It’s important to remember to check your windshield wipers and fill the windshield wiper fluid reserve with no freeze fluid. Without this kind of preparation, your visibility on the road will be reduced and you can be at risk of an accident.


Use the Snow to your Advantage


Snow can pose a serious problem for drivers of all kinds, whether you’re driving a car or a truck. However, you can use snow to your advantage when it comes to identifying leaks in your vehicle. If you find yourself parked in the snow after being out and about, throw some white snow under your vehicle to see if there’s any discoloration. If there is, then you may have an issue that needs to be addressed!