Winter is here, and along with it, the hazards of slips and falls due to slippery surfaces. Slips and falls usually rate near the top as causes for workplace injury, accounting for almost 17% of all workplace fatalities in 2014. Prevention of slips and falls should always be a priority. Snow and ice are often thought of as forces beyond human control, but their hazards can be minimized through the implementation of effective policies and preventive measures.

Employee Responsibility

Safety is everyone’s job. Employees should be on the lookout for slip-and-fall hazards. If found, each employee is responsible for correcting these hazards or informing someone who can do so. Slippery surfaces do not discriminate; the next person to fall or be injured could be you or a friend.

Loading & Unloading tips for success

Unloading in Contained Pit Areas: The outer edge of the pit will give you safer access to your ladder, hoses, and pump while unloading. Stay out of the wet, icy middle.
Climbing the Ladder during the winter: Most ladders will build up ice while driving down the road. Take a rubber hammer, and remove the ice buildup, before climbing on it.
Use caution while on top of the trailers during the morning Frost.

How to Avoid Slips:

1) Concentrate on the path ahead — take your time and proceed slowly.
2) Where possible, avoid slippery surfaces.
3) Wear appropriate footwear. Wear shoes or boots with rough (waffled, ridged or heavily textured) soles to work and change into dress shoes if you must wear them.
4) Use handrails wherever they are provided.
5) Check to be sure entrance halls and stairs are clear of snow and slush.
6) Beware of changes in walking surfaces. Many falls are caused when someone doesn’t realize he/she is leaving a secure area for a slippery one.
7) Clean your shoes when you go inside.
8) If you see slippery conditions, act—spread some salt, shovel the snow, and/or inform a manager. Don’t leave the hazard for the next employee.
9) Don’t keep your hands in your pockets when walking outside. If your arms are out, you will have better balance if you should slip.
10) Report all work-related falls. Even if the fall seems less than serious, immediate reporting will allow the hazardous condition to be addressed quickly and may prevent another fall.

Watch the safety video by clicking the link below:

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