In June, Liquid Trucking had the opportunity to attend the CCJ Innovators Summit at Playa Largo Resort and Spa. This program recognizes the trucking industry’s top leaders and operations. Over the three day conference, attendees discussed best practices, examined challenges, and shared solutions about trucking all while networking with other notable companies. CCJ has recognized Liquid Trucking as a leader in the industry for maximizing technology, improving pay, and rewarding drivers. Here’s why…


Maximizing Technology 


One of the biggest hurdles as a trucking company is getting accurate location information to the drivers at a moment’s notice. When drivers don’t know where to go, what to avoid, or who to contact, it can lead to major delays and even accidents. At one point, one of Liquid Trucking’s drivers, Dan, hauled multiple three-ring binders everywhere he went (see pictured). These binders held location information and instructions so he’d have it all on hand in case he needed it. While it was good to have a resource, creating a binder for every driver was not feasible, and not to mention, the information can quickly go out-of-date and need to be replaced promptly. Liquid Trucking got busy brainstorming other alternatives.

In 2015, Liquid Trucking invested in an app dedicated to location knowledge sharing and providing other tools that drivers need while they’re on the road — the app is called DeliveRecon. This app gives drivers the ability to enter and edit location information, such as addresses, phone numbers, access codes, and even loading/unloading instructions. Once the information is submitted, their dispatcher will approve the edits and then share it site-wide in the database.

While the location knowledge sharing not only helps out dispatchers and management, but it gives drivers real-time, accurate details at each location, which allows drivers to do their job as safely and efficiently as possible. Essentially, the drivers are training one another and helping each other out. 


Improving Pay and Rewarding Drivers

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In 2010, Liquid Trucking adopted the use of electronic log devices. With this new implementation of technology, the company was able to improve driver pay and offer an hourly pay system. The pay system is performance-based, which means that drivers who exceed in areas of fuel, revenue, and safety can be rewarded additional pay. 

Being able to reward drivers in these areas for their good performance sets Liquid Trucking apart from other tanker trucking companies. The company credits their boost in retention, recruitment, and safety to their hourly pay system. Additionally, it has improved driver satisfaction and engagement. 

Another way that Liquid Trucking rewards their drivers is by offering incentives for their input on the DeliveRecon app. Once their location information edits are approved, the dispatcher will reward them with driver points. The points can be redeemed for company-branded gear, electronics, sporting goods, vacations, and more. 


Closing Thoughts

While the CCJ Innovators Summit has now come and gone, Liquid Trucking is honored to be recognized as one of the industry’s leading innovators. The company is committed to improving employee satisfaction and adapting to technology as needed. 

If you’d like to learn more about Liquid Trucking and what they do, visit their website or give them a call at 844-GO-TANKS. 

Top Photo Courtesy of CCJ Innovators Summit