At Liquid Trucking, safety and family are two of the most important things. Safety is at the core of everything we do. Our drivers are trained in the latest safety procedures and our equipment is always in safe working order. The safety of our drivers and the general public is our #1 priority.

At the same time, we know that safe drivers are happy drivers. And happy drivers have a strong family behind them. At Liquid Trucking, we strive to not only be an extended family for our drivers, but to make sure that we accommodate the need for our drivers to spend quality time with their families.

That’s why this year we decided to run a contest that would highlight the importance of safety and family to all of us here at Liquid Trucking. We asked our drivers to have their children or grandchildren make a drawing of what safety and trucking means to them. As you can see below, we got some great submissions from our drivers’ families!

We got this idea after attending a presentation from Brian Fielkow, an expert in empowering employees and driving change in the trucking industry. Thanks to Brian for an inspiring presentation!

One of the ways we like to empower our drivers here at Liquid Trucking is with StayMetrics “Drive for Gold” points. This is a way for us to reward our drivers for with points for safe driving that they can then redeem for cash or other prizes.

Just for submitting a drawing to this contest, we awarded each employee with 5,000 Drive for Gold points. The winner was awarded 50,000 points! Thanks to all participated and congratulations to the winner, Shade Thomas! Though the original drawing was lost, we had a great mockup made and it will soon be showcased on a Liquid Trucking t-shirt!

If you’re reading this and are interested in joining our team of dedicated and talented drivers, head over to With industry leading benefits and an average annual wage over $65,000 for 1st year regional drivers, we strive to be the trucking industry’s best company to work for.

Thanks again to all who participated in this contest! Check out the great submissions below and be on the lookout for your chance to grab a Liquid Trucking t-shirt featuring the winning design.

Thanks to our drivers who participated:

Jason Royer

John Lohan

Juan Cordova

Brent Kanaly

Jimal Ervin

Shade Thomas (Winner)

Kevin Reasor

Earl Olberding