It is easy to see why professional truck drivers love their jobs. You get to have a career that you want with benefits that you cannot find anywhere else. Here are six benefits of truck driving…

  1. Earn great pay – Let’s get to the facts. Despite what many may think, as a truck driver, you can earn a great wage. In some instances, truck drivers are earning more than college graduates. If you are wanting to earn more as a driver, work on getting CDL endorsements, improving your safety record, and gaining experience.
  2. Receive benefits – Earning a steady wage is great, but the additional employee benefits make driving worth it. At Liquid Trucking, we strive to provide you with not just a “job” but a meaningful position within our company that supports and accommodates your lifestyle, which includes health and wellness. The benefits we offer truck drivers include health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, and retirement plans. Additionally, drivers receive paid vacation and weekly home time. 
  3. Have job security – The trucking industry has a shortage of drivers, which means there are always driving positions available. Since the demand is high, you can be assured knowing that you will always have a job. At Liquid Trucking, we are currently hiring more drivers and are growing our business exponentially.
  4. Enjoy a change of scenery –  With truck driving, no two days are alike. You wake up in part of the country and park in another. You get to travel to places that you never thought you would and get to visit interest-points along the way. Many drivers will tell you that there is no better way to see the country than behind the wheel of a truck. 
  5. Get flexibility – Happy drivers have strong families behind them. At Liquid Trucking, we strive to not only be an extended family for our drivers but to make sure that we accommodate the need for our drivers to spend quality time with their families. We offer flexible schedules and weekly home time.
  6. Be a part of a community – No one truly understands the life of a truck driver quite like another truck driver. When you are a part of Liquid Trucking, you are a part of a family. You will have the opportunity to build strong working relationships with co-workers and other truck drivers that you meet out on the road. It is a great community to be a part of!

So now that you have read the six benefits of truck driving, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to put your career first at Liquid Trucking. As a specialized business, we have focused our efforts on transporting liquid goods as safely and efficiently as possible. We can haul anything from food, alcohol, or chemicals, and we serve large and small businesses. Call 844-GO-TANKS to learn more about our business!