It’s an honor to recognize the incredible women who are taking on big challenges and making a huge impact in the trucking industry. From behind-the-wheel drivers to dispatchers, mechanics, and executives – women across all roles within Liquid Trucking are showing us that anything is possible with hard work and dedication!


Women’s History Month Origins


In 1987, the US Congress declared that March would be dedicated to Women’s History Month. Every year since then, this month has been used to recognize and celebrate the contributions of women in our society. 


During Women’s History Month, we can look back at inspirational female leaders who have helped shape history and culture around the world. We can also reflect on the progress we’ve made in advancing gender equality and consider how more work still needs to be done.


Women in Trucking


Women have always played an important role in our nation’s economy, but until recently they were severely underrepresented in certain industries, including trucking. Despite women making up 47 percent of all U.S. workers, only 7 percent of all truck drivers are female. 


This inequality highlights the necessity of creating more opportunities for female truckers. To do so, organizations like Women In Trucking are working to increase women’s representation in the industry. Women In Trucking is dedicated to encouraging and educating more women about the benefits of a career as a professional driver. By providing educational resources, networking opportunities and mentorship programs, Women In Trucking makes sure that women are given the chance to succeed in this male-dominated field.


Women In Trucking also works to ensure that female truckers have access to family friendly benefits and resources. They provide a forum for discussing issues such as appropriate rest stops, health care options and childcare possibilities. These conversations allow them to address the practical needs of female drivers, ensuring that their work is not unduly hindered by gender-based obstacles.


Recognizing Women Every Day


We are committed to recognizing and celebrating the incredible women who have made a positive impact on our business. We believe that diversity is not only essential for growth — but also leads to better, more creative solutions and stronger teams across all disciplines. 


We’re proud of the community of women we’ve been fortunate enough to work alongside. We are incredibly grateful for the hard work, dedication, and strength they have brought to our team — and we recognize them as a fundamental part of our success. This Women’s History Month, we are committed more than ever to amplifying their voices, celebrating their achievements and empowering other women to follow in their footsteps.