We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Our employees are what make our liquid bulk transport operation the best in the midwest and one of the top in the country. We’re proud of them, and who they are as employees and outside of our company, so what better way to showcase that, than to sit down and get to know everyone!

Grab a cup of Joe (Maybe add a shot of Bailey’s, we won’t judge!) on a beautiful Sunday and lets get to know John!


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John LohanToday we’re talking to John Lohan. John is one of our great drivers!





LT (LIQUID TRUCKING): John, how long have you been with Liquid Trucking?

John: About a year and a half.

LT: You’ve been in trucking for quite a while, right?

John: Yes, I’ve been a driver for over 16 years.

LT: Wow, so after almost 15 years you made the move to Liquid Trucking? Can you tell us a little bit about why you made that choice?

John: I first learned  about Liquid  Trucking  from  a  Craigslist  add as I was looking to relocate  back to Nebraska  from California. Before, I was working as a flatbed driver getting paid only a percentage of the load, meaning I was overworking and majorly struggling to make a decent wage.

LT: So this was a really nice change for you.

John: Yeah, I love the fact that they pay by the hour, I make a decent income that way, and they are fair and honest. They do their best to keep you running, and also to get you home on time when thats where you need to be.

LT: That is definitely important to us. Family is first!

John: I had a great time having my kids on the road with me this year. I’ve got three kids, Abbey is 15, Torey is 12, and Josh is 8. We have some fun pictures of our adventures.

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LT: Those will definitely make it into the post. We understand that your daughter also took your head shot, too?

John: Yep. She sure did.

LT: Really cool. So what are you up to outside of work?

John: Spending time with my family, doing yard work and we’re involved with our church. Time with my kids is the best.

LT: Thats great, the midwest is wonderful for raising a family. What are your goals with Liquid Trucking, long term? We have high employee retention for a reason, so we’re looking to keep you around!

John: I’ve already expanded my knowledge in my career by now learning to drive a tanker, so thats awesome. I plan to continue here. I’d love to move into a training position, maybe work in safety. Before working in trucking, I was in restaurant management, so I always like the thought of moving up in a company.

LT: Awesome. Any parting thoughts?

John: Overall, Liquid Trucking is a great place to work, with great people to work with. I highly recommend it to any driver who  is tired of the run around with other companies and wants to be respected for their hard work.

LT: We appreciate that and we hope to continue showing drivers and other employees that same respect. Any advice you have for anyone in trucking to make the most of each day? Any secret to your success?

John: Sure, I’d have to say that even when its a stressful, to stay calm and take it one step at a time.

LT: Thank you for your time, John!

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