Beau Hanke is our employee spotlight for the week! Beau is our Onboarding and Orientation Specialist and has been with Liquid Trucking since 2017. He worked in the field prior to getting this job, so he has a lot of experience and expertise within the trucking industry. 

As an Onboarding and Orientation Specialist, he primarily focuses on recruiting new drivers and training them. Safety is always at the forefront when hiring drivers and leading orientation. 

Throughout the years that Beau has been here, he has found that his favorite thing about Liquid Trucking is the family-oriented atmosphere. In his particular position, he is constantly meeting new people and helping them find their place within the company. It’s not always easy to mold people into truck drivers, but when you find someone who has what it takes, it always pays off! 

Beau looks forward to building this program to bring more people in smoothly. He hopes to continue to find ways to streamline the onboarding and orientation process. 

We’d like to thank Beau for his dedication to growing and developing our company. We appreciate all you do for Liquid Trucking!