You never know what you’re stepping into with a new job. At Liquid Trucking, we want to be as transparent and helpful as possible from the get-go. Today, we’ll be kicking off our frequently asked questions series made up of questions asked by you, the drivers. The main topics we’ll be covering in this series are about pay, hometime, and equipment. 

The topic we get the most questions about is pay, so we’ll start off with that. Drivers want to know how much they’ll be earning and what they’ll get paid for — as they should! Here’s what we’ve got:

FAQ About Pay

Earnings and Pay Day

  • How much will drivers make each week?
      • Drivers average about $1,500 gross earnings per week after training, but with good performance and safety, they can earn up to $1,800 gross earnings per week. 
  • How much can drivers earn a year?
      • Drivers earn between $75,000 and $85,000 per year. 
  • Are drivers paid hourly? If so, what tasks are included in pay?
      • Drivers get paid hourly, which includes paid driving, loading, unloading, and washing out.
  • How often are drivers paid?
      • Drivers get paid every week on Fridays.

Orientation and Training

  • How long is the orientation and training process?
      • Orientation and training are a combined two-week period.
  • Do drivers get paid during training? How much?
      • Training pay is a $1,000 salary for each week of training.
  • Does the company pay for all travel arrangements?
      • Yes, we will provide one of the following options that best fits your situation — a rental car or gas money if you choose to drive yourself.
  • Do drivers get their own hotel room or will they share a room with another driver?
      • Each driver is given a separate hotel room for the whole training period.


How to Apply

If you’re interested in applying for a driver position at Liquid Trucking, head on over to the Application Page. Some important things to note before applying:

  • 1 year of Class A experience is preferred
  • Driving school grads and less than 1 year of experience are welcome to apply
  • We pay for and help you get your Tank and Hazmat endorsement necessary to work


Final Thoughts

That’s all for pay. Do you have more questions regarding pay? Let us know in the comment section on social media. Check back next month for the lowdown on home time!

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