Plattsmouth, NE, October 28, 2018 – We are proud to announce that one of our drivers Dan Pijanowski is celebrating 21 years of continuous service with our Bulk Liquid Freight company. This is very unusual within the trucking industry which we all know suffers from a high degree of driver turnover, and demonstrates the special relationship that we at Liquid Trucking Companies have with our drivers.

What keeps a driver with us for 21 years?

Liquid Trucking Companies is a family owned and operated business, and as a result, we view every employee as a member of the family and we continuously reinvest into the company to ensure that we have the best equipment that is reliable and well maintained. All of our equipment, including their food grade tankers, are maintained to the highest possible standards, making our drivers proud to drive for Liquid Trucking Companies.

Drivers generally care about three things, when choosing which company to work for, salary, condition of the equipment and how they are treated as an employee. Dan Pijanowski said “I’ve been driving with OFC Schmidt all these years because they are excellent people to work for. When they say they are going to do something for you, it’s not just lip service. As drivers, we are used to long hauls, but when we need to be home on the weekend, they make sure that it happens. I’m honored to be a truck driver, and like any profession helping others do a better job is one of the most rewarding aspects of what I do.”

A company that cares for its drivers

Our drivers are and always have been the key to our success,. We understand that without our drivers, we would not have a business, so we always ensure that we do everything in our power to make sure they enjoy working for us, but that they also have a good work-life balance. This has meant that we retain our drivers who in turn help to educate any new drivers in the Liquid Trucking way.

“Dan Pijanowski is the epitome of this philosophy,” said Jason Eisenman of Liquid Trucking Companies. “As one of our most senior drivers, Dan has been an incredible resource for the younger drivers. He has developed a network of drivers inside and outside of liquid trucking to help communicate with others when they are on the road and have questions about a specific delivery location. We are proud to call Dan one of our drivers and congratulate him on 21 years of outstanding service.

Founded in 1989, Liquid Trucking a family owned and operated trucking company has grown to become one of the 30 largest tank trucking companies in the United States. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality bulk liquid transport services out of the Midwest, serving the continental US and Canada.

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