Spring brings the joy of warmer weather, but it also brings changing road conditions for truck drivers. With fluctuating temperatures and changing levels of precipitation, long-haul truckers need to be prepared for how these changes can affect their driving.


Time for a health check


Cold winter temps can wreak havoc on your vehicle; so make sure you check the following items: 


– Check your oil and filter. Winter weather puts extra strain on your engine, so getting a fresh oil change will help keep things running smoothly.


– Check the air filter. Salt and debris in the air can clog up your filter, so replacing it can help improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.


– Examine your tires for any visible damage or wear. The winter roads can be rough on tires, so making sure they’re in good shape is essential.


– Check your air pressure. As one of the most common reasons for tire blowouts, air pressure in your tires increases with the weather. 


Those dreaded potholes


We think everyone can agree that potholes are a huge pain in our tires. 


During spring, potholes become a major concern for truck drivers. With snow plows pushing aside snow, salt and other winter elements, it leaves many potholes on the roads that can quickly grow to an alarming size.


Drivers should be cautious and drive slow to avoid potholes and damage underneath the vehicle.


Wildlife becomes more active


Animals also take advantage of the warmer temperatures and start to come out of hibernation, leading to more and more animal sightings on the roads. Make sure to keep an eye out for animals crossing the road, especially deer, which are often crossing at dusk and dawn.


Chilly nights aren’t out of the question


The birds are chirping, the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming. It’s time to let go of winter and enjoy all the new beginnings that come with this beloved season. But don’t be too hasty in packing away all your winter essentials just yet! Overnight temperatures can still drop low enough to cause roads to freeze and create patches of black ice.


Don’t let the weather surprise you


Spring might be known as a season of renewal and new beginnings, but when it comes to trucking, you have to prepare for anything. With quickly changing temperatures, heavy rains, winds, hailstorms and even tornadoes in some areas – spring can be a wild ride for anyone. Checking the forecast regularly can save you the headache of driving into a nasty storm.


Check your air pressure


It’s time to take the pressure off—literally! Make sure you regularly check your tire pressures and don’t forget that warm weather means higher pressure. As one of the most common reasons for tire blowouts, you’ll be thanking yourself for double checking before hitting the road.