Liquid Trucking wants to foster a driver community and culture that focuses helping each other and sharing experiences. So we’re asking for you help again! This will be an ongoing, long term opportunity to earn Drive for Gold points with each submission.

Day in the life drive for gold picture of hay baler

We are looking for two different things as you’re out on the road.

1. As time, safety and client policy* allows, we would love to have any how-to video submissions. So grab your phone, and tell us your tips and tricks you’ve learned working with Liquid Trucking! We’ll be uploading your videos to our YouTube account for others find and use. Some topics we’d love for you to cover:

– Organization

– Safety

– New driver tips

– Any on the job training you feel would be valuable for other drivers!

2. Day in the life pictures! We know you see some cool, funny and beautiful things being on the road. So, again, as time, safety, and client policy* allows, we would love to have you submit any great photographs from your driving days. Catch a beautiful sunset? A gorgeous storm rolling in? Anything really, as long as its family friendly, creative and good quality. We’ll award points for each image submitted and after we have several images, we’ll be creating a “day in the life” video with all of your submissions! The more we get, the more often we can create these awesome videos of YOUR career. We would love to be able to create a couple videos a year.

day in the life pipes and lamp drive for gold day in the life spiget drive for gold

Here is the tiny print.

*Any video or pictures that involve our customers or their product must be lawfully obtained. If you are not sure what the policies are, please ask! Any video or picture must be done safely. Absolutely NO pictures will be accepted or approved that compromise your own safety, the safety of others on the road, or other workers at whatever location you may be at. Safety is our number one priority always, so any videos, tips/tricks, pictures that raise concern are not encouraged or usable. We trust your judgement!